10 Facts about Lady Bird

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Let us check the interesting information about the First Lady of United from 1963 until 1969 on Facts about Lady Bird Johnson.  Her birth name is Claudia Alta Taylor. She was born on 22nd December 1912 and died on 11th July 2007. Her husband was Lyndon B. Johnson who served as the 36th president of United States.  Below is the complete information about Lady Bird Johnson.

Facts about Lady Bird Johnson 1: the background

Talking about her background, Lady Bird Johnson had higher education. She was an amazing investor as well as a capable manager.

lady bird johnson pictures

lady bird johnson pictures

Facts about Lady Bird Johnson 2: Lady Bird’s Bill

Lady Bird’s Bill was an informal name used to call the Highway Beautification Act conducted by Lady Bird.

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Facts about Lady Bird Johnson 3: the awards

Johnson was awarded with Congressional Gold Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Facts about Lady Bird Johnson 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Johnson was located in Karnack, Texas. She was born in an antebellum plantation house known as the Brick House. Before she was born, her father had purchased the house.

lady bird johnson images

lady bird johnson images

Facts about Lady Bird Johnson 5: the name

The first name of Lady Bird was from the name of Claud, the brother of her mother.

Facts about Lady Bird Johnson 6: the nickname

Claudia was nicknamed ladybird since Alice Tittle, her nurse called her as purty as ladybird. Then she was mostly called as Ladybird.  Her husband called her Bird, while her siblings and father liked to call her Lady.

lady bird johnson facts

lady bird johnson facts

Facts about Lady Bird Johnson 7:  the father of Lady Bird

The name of Lady Bird’s father was Thomas Jefferson Taylor. He owned two general stores and a cotton plantation.

Facts about Lady Bird Johnson 8: education

She was enrolled to University of Alabama for the summer session after she graduated from high school. She gave up with the university due to her homesick for Texas. She decided to enter St. Mary’s Episcopal College for Women in Dallas. In May 1930, she graduated from the college.

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Facts about Lady Bird Johnson 9: the higher education

Lady Bird was amazed with the beauty of Texas where she saw bluebonnet field. In 1933, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in honors. In 1934, she graduated cum laude with her second bachelor’s degree.

facts about lady bird johnson

facts about lady bird johnson

Facts about Lady Bird Johnson 10: marriage with Lyndon Baines Johnson

On 17 November 1934, Lady Bird and Lyndon Baines Johnson married at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in San Antonio, Texas after she accepted his proposal.

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