10 Facts about Laura Geitz

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Facts about Laura Geitz will tell the readers about the Australian netball player. In 2008, she was appointed as the player for the Australian National team. Geitz was born on November 4th, 1987. Today, Geitz takes the position as the captain for Australian national team. Find out other interesting facts about Geitz below:

Facts about Laura Geitz 1: the record

Geitz has amazing record. When she was a captain, she earned a Gold Medal at Commonwealth Games in 2014. The previous records included a Gold Medal at World Netball Championship and silver medal at Commonwealth Games 2010.

AIS Canberra Darters

AIS Canberra Darters

Facts about Laura Geitz 2: the domestic netball games

Geitz also plays in domestic netball. She is a member for Queensland Firebirds, which competes in ANZ Championship.

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Facts about Laura Geitz 3: another position

Geitz was a captain for AIS Canberra Darters, which competed in Commonwealth Bank Trophy.

Facts about Laura Geitz 4:  early life

If we talk about the early life of Geitz, she was raised in Darling Downs region, Queensland where she lived in a farm in Allora.



Facts about Laura Geitz 5: the prominent role

Geitz had a prominent role in 2011 where she became an important player for Queensland Firebirds. The team won the undefeated ANZ Championship.

Facts about Laura Geitz 6: the Diamonds squad

During the Netball World Championship 2011 conducted in Singapore, Geitz participated as a member of Diamonds squad.

Facts about Laura Geitz

Facts about Laura Geitz

Facts about Laura Geitz 7: Goal Keeper

During the first half of the game against New Zealand, Geitz served the goalkeeper in second half. It forced the game to move in overtime.

Facts about Laura Geitz 8: the awards and honors

Geitz gains 32 Test Caps for Australia. In 2010, she earned Liz Ellis Diamonds Awards.

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Facts about Laura Geitz 9: Geitz in 2013

In 2013, Geitz was selected as the captain or leader for the first time. She led the Australian team as the winner of Constellation Cup by defeating New Zealand. She also became the captain to compete in Commonwealth Games 2014.

Laura Geitz Pic

Laura Geitz Pic

Facts about Laura Geitz 10: Geitz 2015

Geitz was a captain in Queensland Firebirds in 2015.  The team secured their position as the winner in ANZ Championships by defeating New South Wales Swifts. During the Commonwealth Games, Geitz and her team were capable for defeating New Zealand National Netball Team. Finally, Australian got the gold medal for its absence for 12 years.

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