10 Facts about Mary Lou Retton

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Facts about Mary Lou Retton present the information about a retired American gymnast. She was born on 24th January 1968. When participating in individual all-around competition, she earned a gold medal at 1984 Summer Olympics in LA. She also got two bronze medals and two silver medals. Let us check the complete information about Retton in the following post:

Facts about Mary Lou Retton 1: popularity

Retton became a popular athlete due to her performance in United States.

Facts about Mary Lou Retton 2: the impressive performance

During the Summer Olympics, people were impressed with her since she was the first female American who could earn a gold medal for all-around.

Mary Lou Retton and Reagan

Mary Lou Retton and Reagan

Facts about Mary Lou Retton 3: American women’s gymnastics

Retton is considered as a pioneer in the women’s gymnastics in United States. Carly Patterson, Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas and Nastia Liukin are the four Americans whose feat equaled her.

Facts about Mary Lou Retton 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Retton was located in Fairmont, West Virginia. Rotunda was the original surname of her family.

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Facts about Mary Lou Retton 5: the occupation of her father

The occupation of her father was an operator for a coal-industry transportation equipment business. His name was Ronnie.

Mary Lou Retton Facts

Mary Lou Retton Facts

Facts about Mary Lou Retton 6: education

She did not graduate even though she was enrolled to Fairmont Senior High School.

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Facts about Mary Lou Retton 7: the competition

During the sophomore year of her high school, she followed a competition in Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984.

Facts about Mary Lou Retton 8: the place of living

Until 2009, Retton settled in Houston, Texas. Then the family decided to live in West Virginia. In 2012, the family relocated to Houston again.

Mary Lou Retton

Mary Lou Retton

Facts about Mary Lou Retton 9: personal life

Her husband is Shannon Kelley. He is employed at Houston Baptist University athletic department. Kelley was a former quarterback of University of Texas. The couple is blessed with four kids. They are Shayla Rae Kelley, McKenna Lane Kelley, Skyla Brae Kelley and Emma Jean Kelley.

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Facts about Mary Lou Retton 10: the gymnastic career

She decided to have gymnastic classes after seeing 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal on TV when Nadia Comăneci tried to beat Olga Korbut. Gary Rafaloski was her coach. Retton relocated to Houston, Texas to train under new coaches, Béla and Márta Károlyi. They were the former coaches of Nadia Comăneci.

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