10 Facts about Manu Ginobili

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Facts about Manu Ginobili present the insights about the famous Argentine basketball player. Now he plays in NBAfor San Antonio Spurs. He was born on July 28, 1977. His full name is Emanuel David Maccari. In his home country, he is included as a member of the national basketball team. Ginobili is an impressive player for he has earned an Olympic gold medal, an NBA Championship and EuroLeague title. Let us get other interesting facts about Manu Ginobili below:

Facts about Manu Ginobili 1: the family background

The family background is always associated with the professional basketball occupation. Ginobili had dual citizenship of Italy and Argentina. Thus, he had his professional career in both countries.  Due to his impressive paying and contribution in the game, he had received the team honors and individual titles.

Facts about Manu Ginobili 2: the awards

Ginobili also earned a number of awards when he had his career in Italy such as Triple Crown, 2001 Euroleague championship and Italian League MPV.

Manu Ginobili Facts

Manu Ginobili Facts

Facts about Manu Ginobili 3: career in NBA

Ginobili made to the list of 1999 NBA draft in the 57th overall pick. In 2002, he became a player for Spurs. Over the season, he was selected as a leading player.

Facts about Manu Ginobili 4: impressive career in NBA

His career in NBA is also impressive. In 2005 and 2011, he was selected as an All-Star. He also took the title as the NBA Sixth Man of the Year for 2007-08 seasons.

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Facts about Manu Ginobili 5: in Argentina

In 1998, Ginobili was debuted in the international basketball game with Argentine National team where he also enjoyed as a great success. During the 2004 Olympic basketball tournament, he contributed to the team as the gold medal winner.

Manu Ginobili

Manu Ginobili

Facts about Manu Ginobili 6: family and basketball

As I have stated before, the family of Ginobili is always associated with basketball. Leandro, the oldest brother of Manu was also a basketball player who had served in Argentine basketball league for seven years.  Sebastian is also a brother of Manu who also plays for Liga Española de Baloncesto and Argentine local league.

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Facts about Manu Ginobili 7: dual citizenship

Since he holds a dual citizenship of Italy and Argentine, he is capable to play in Italian professional basketball team.

Facts about Manu Ginobili 8: hobbies

Manu likes traveling, watching movies and listening to music when he has spare times.

Facts about Manu Ginobili

Facts about Manu Ginobili

Facts about Manu Ginobili 9: Marianela Oroño

Marianela Oroño is the wife of Ginobili. Both married in 2004.

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Facts about Manu Ginobili 10: kids

The couple is blessed with twins. Their names are Dante and Nicola born on May 16th, 2010.

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