10 Facts about Maurice Richard

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Facts about Maurice Richard talk about Canadian professional ice hockey player. He was one of the greatest achiever hockey player, the history noted that he reached score 50 goals in one season. To know more about this great person, read the 10 interesting facts below.

Facts about Maurice Richard 1: Early Year

Joseph Henri Maurice Richard or famous with Maurice Richard was born August 4,1921 in Montreal, Canada, from the couple of Onesime Richard and Alice Laramee, they came from Gaspe region of Quebec, before moving to Montreal. Richard was the eldest of eight children.

Facts about Maurice Richard 2: Stanley Cup

After he had recovered from some injuries, Richard appeared in 46 of Montreal’s 50 games. He led the Canadiens team with 32 goals and tallied 54 points, and claimed as the third-best in his team then he declared as one of the best young player in National Hockey League (NHL). Eventually, Richard’s team, the Canadiens, won the franchise’s first Stanley Cup in 13 years.

facts about maurice richard

Facts about Maurice Richard 3: 50 Goals in 50 Games

In February 1945 he collected NHL record of 44 goals in one season, and really soon after, he succeeded to crack the previous record on February 25, 1945. Moreover, the following year he declared to become the first player to score 50 goals in 50 games, amazingly a standard that remains one of the most celebrated achievement in NHL history.

Facts about Maurice Richard 4: All-time Scoring Leader

Along 1951-1952 Richard missed over 20 games due to injury. Then, in the following year, 1952-1953, Richard in close to chase of Nels Stewart’s all-tome NHL record of 324 goals. Aided by Richard, in 1953, Canadiens defeated Boston in the Stanley Cup and this winning become the first time since 1946. Interestingly, Richard led the league in goals for the fourth time in his career in 1953-1954, then the fifth time in 1954-1955.

Facts about Maurice Richard 5: Richard Riot

Campbell, as the NHL president, announced that he suspended Richard for the raminder of the regular season and the playoffs. Then that decision was seen as an injustice and unfair punishment. Hence, Richard’s supporters responded irately to Campbell, He got several death teror, once taking his customary seat at the next Canadiens game, Richard fans threw him vegetables, eggs, and other debris, even one of fan pelted a tear gas bomb at Campbell.

Facts about Maurice Richard 6: Captain of a Dynasty

In 1956-1957, Richard’s 15th NHL season, the team member called him as captain of the Canadiens. Interestingly, Richard was claimed a the first player in NHL history to score 500 goals in his career.

facts about maurice richard

Facts about Maurice Richard 7: Playing Style

At the beginning of Richard’s career, he has a nickname, “the Comet”. However, Baz O’meara, a local sportswriter, dubbed him “The Rocket”. Those nicknames obviously described Richard’s playing style in terms of speed, strength and determination. Moreover, teammate and his coach stated that when Richard woult take off, nothing got in his way that could stop him.

Facts about Maurice Richard 8: Richard’s Life

After his retirement as a professional hockey player, Richard offered by Selke to fullfill a position as a team ambassador, and three years later, he became a vice-president of Canadiens in 1964 then soon after he resigned due to his uncomfort role. He tried to become a head hockey coach for the Quebec Nordiques in 1972, unfortunately, he unable to tackle some strains of coaching. Richard had seven children from his marriage with Lucille, they are Huguette, Maurice Jr, Norman, Andre, Suzanne, Polo and Jean. They had 14 grandchildren. In 1994, Lucille died. He died on May 27, 2000, because of his cancer.

Facts about Maurice Richard 9: Awards

As one of the greatest hockey player, he won a great number of awards such as Canadian Press Male Athlete of the Year (1952, 1957, and 1958) and Lou Marsh Trophy (1957).

facts about maurice richard

Facts about Maurice Richard 10: Legacy

As an inpirator, Richard had a big number of legacies. One of the most phenomenal was The Richard Riot. It had achieved a mythical place in Canadian folklore.

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