10 Facts about Learning Languages

Post On: December 15, 2016
By: Agustina

Are you interested to check Facts about Learning Languages? You will know how a person tries to master a foreign or second language. Language education is divided in four categories. They are the multiple literacy, cross-cultural experiences, proficiencies and communicative competencies. Some people include it as a branch of applied linguistics.

Facts about Learning Languages 1: why learning languages?

Today learning languages is very important for the workforce demands the people to speak in multiple languages.

Facts about Learning Languages

Facts about Learning Languages

Facts about Learning Languages 2: the uses of languages

The uses of languages are spotted in various fields like science, media, technology, tourism, trade and international relations.

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Facts about Learning Languages 3: the countries and education

To make sure learning languages is not left behind, the primary and secondary levels feature the teaching of at least one foreign language. It can be spotted in China, Japan and Korea.

Facts about Learning Languages 4: the second official language

A second official language is perceived in some countries like the Philippines, Pakistan, and Malaysia. India and Singapore.

Sweet Henry Linguistics

Sweet Henry Linguistics

Facts about Learning Languages 5: China and English

The effort of China to increase the level of foreign language is spotted. The country focuses more on mastering English.

Facts about Learning Languages 6: the modern language education

The history of modern language education was traced back in 17th century during the teaching and study of Latin.

Learning Facts

Learning Facts

Facts about Learning Languages 7: Latin language

Today, Latin is a dominant language. In the past, it was used in various fields like government, religion, commerce and education. By the late 16th century, the popularity of Latin was decreased after it was replaced by English, Italian and French.

Facts about Learning Languages 8: Grammar School

The grammatical aspect of Classical Latin was taught as the primary education in Grammar school in 16th and 18th centuries.

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Facts about Learning Languages 9: Henry Sweet

When you talk about language education and learning, do not forget about Henry Sweet. He was a leading figure who developed the applied linguistics for language teaching. In 19th century, people saw the development of innovative language teaching.

Learning Language

Learning Language

Facts about Learning Languages 10: the applied linguists

Harold Palmer, Jean Manesca, Otto Jespersen and Heinrich Gottfried Ollendorff were notable applied linguists who talked about the teaching approaches with the foundation of psychological and linguistic concepts. The people try to develop new methods from time to time for easier language teaching and education.

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