10 Facts about Learning

Post On: December 14, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Learning explain the useful information about the act of acquiring information, behaviors, knowledge, values and skills. The ability to learn is not only owned by human being but also by animals, plants and machines. The previous knowledge is very important to shape and build the learning process. It will never occur at once. Learning is not viewed as a collection of procedural knowledge. It is considered as a process.

Facts about Learning 1: the human learning

Humans learn when they follow training, schooling, personal developing and education. It can be inspired from the motivation or even goal orientation.

Learning Facts

Learning Facts

Facts about Learning 2: the study of learning

Pedagogy, learning theory, neuropsychology and educational psychology are some fields dealt with the study of learning.

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Facts about Learning 3: the first form of learning

The scholars agree that the first form of learning is observed on play. When the kids play, they learn for interaction and rules.

Facts about Learning 4: the pivotal role of play

The parents who want their children to develop well should think about the right educational play games.

Learning Language

Learning Language

Facts about Learning 5: the active and passive learning

Reading and listening are included in passive learning.  It is less effective than the experimental learning or active learning.

Facts about Learning 6: the active learning

Now the active learning is more preferable than the passive one for it allows the students to take more action. The learning experience is controlled by the student rather than the teachers.  The students will be able to perceive the thing that they understand and do not understand.

Learning Pyramid

Learning Pyramid

Facts about Learning 7: the modern and traditional learning

The traditional learning is characterized with passive learning when it is a part of teacher centered learning. On the other hand, the active learning is a part of student centered learning.

Facts about Learning 8: types of plays

The five types of plays are the movement play, construction play, rule based play, role-play and sensor motor play.

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Facts about Learning 9: Enculturation

An individual learns the values, cultures and behaviors from the surrounding environment through their peers, adults and parents. This learning process is called enculturation.

Facts about Learning

Facts about Learning

Facts about Learning 10: Episodic learning

A person may learn due to an event, which happens to him or her. It is called episodic learning. An individual may develop a fear toward dog if she or he had been bitten severely before.

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