10 Facts about Miami University

Post On: August 4, 2020
By: Andi

What do you know about Miami University, do not know the fun facts about Miami University? You are on the right click! we want to let you know the amazing facts about Miami University. Miami University is a public research university founded in 1809. Miami University is the second-oldest university in Ohio and the 10th oldest public university in the United States.

Facts 1 : Old Miami

The foundation for the Miami University laid by an Act of Congress that signed by President George Washington, stating an academy should be Northwest of the Ohio River in the Miami Valley.

In 1812, the University temporarily halted the construction because of the War. Amazingly in 1839 Old Miami reached its enrolment peak, with 250 students from 13 states; only Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth were larger. In 1873, the board of trustees closed the school because of of the “Snowball Rebellion”. The period before its closing is referred to as “Old Miami”

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Facts 2 : New Miami

In 1885, the University reopened. There were 40 students in its first year. It was shockingly increased in 1923, the enrollment was at 1,500 students.

Miami University

Facts 3 : Miami University, Oxford Campus

Miami University main campus is in Oxford, Ohio, the city is in the Miami Valley in southwestern Ohio.

Facts 4 : The Academic Buildings of Miami University

The academic buildings of Miami University including alumni hall, Armstrong Student Center, Art Building, Bachelor Hall, Benton Hall, Center for Performing Arts, Boyd Hall, Center for Performing Arts, Farmer School of Business, Garland Hall, Hall Auditorium, Harrison Hall, Hiestand Hall, Hoyt Hall, Hughes Laboratories, Irvin Hall, Kreger Hall, Laws Hall, McGuffey Hall etc.

Facts 5 : The Historic Landmarks of Miami University

There are some historic landmarks in Miami University such as William Holmes McGuffey Museum, a national historic landmark. Zachariah Price Dewitt Cabin, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Elliot and Stoddard Halls, oldest dormitories in use in Ohio, Langstroth Cottage, a national historic landmark, etc.

Facts 6 : The King Library of Miami University

The King Library was completed in 1972.

Miami University

Facts 7 : The Regional Campuses of Miami University

Miami University has some areas of campuses such as Miami University Middletown, Miami University Hamilton, and Miami University Voice of America Learning Centre.

Facts 8 : International Campuses

Miami University has the option to study abroad in Luxembourg

Facts 9 : Organisations in Miami University

Miami University Men’s Glee Club is the oldest and longest-running student organization founded in 1907.

Miami University

Facts 10 : The Resident Hall of Miami University

The residence halls are organized into eight quads throughout campuses:

  • Academic Quad
  • Central Quad
  • East Quad
  • Heritage Quad
  • North Quad
  • South Quad
  • Western Campus

Please let us know after you read the amazing and less-known facts about Miami University as one of the universities in the United States.