10 Facts about Marshall University

Post On: June 11, 2017
By: Agustina

Why don’t you check Facts about Marshall University? In 1837, the public research university was established in Huntington, West Virginia US. The name was taken from the fourth Chief Justice of US named John Marshall. It consists of nine undergraduate colleges and three graduate colleges. The prominent one from Marshall University is the rural healthcare delivery program, which catches the national attention. Here are the important facts about Marshall University to notice:

Facts about Marshall University 1: forensic science graduate program

American Academy of Forensic Sciences awarded the accreditation for forensic science graduate program.

Facts about Marshall University 2: FEPAC

FEPAC stands for Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission, which awarded the digital forensics program of Marshall University.

Marshall University Facts

Marshall University Facts

Facts about Marshall University 3: the undergraduate courses

The undergraduate courses are also offered by Marshall University. Robert C. Byrd Institute is also under the operation of the university, which offers the students with join development by focusing on private industry by using technology from academic departments.

Facts about Marshall University 4: the foundation

In 1837, the residents of Guyandotte and nearby areas decided to establish Marshall University. At that time, it has the status as a private subscription school.

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Facts about Marshall University 5: the founding

The founding of Marshall Academy was initiated by a local attorney named John Laidley. He launched a meeting, which led into the foundation of the academy. It was named after John Marshall, his friend who served as the 4th Chief Justice of US.

Marshall University Pictures

Marshall University Pictures

Facts about Marshall University 6: Marshall College

The name was changed into Marshall College by the Virginia General Assembly in 1858. In 1860s, it faced the financial hardship because of the civil war.

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Facts about Marshall University 7: the oldest campus building

The oldest campus building was located in Old Main, which houses the administrative offices of the university.

Facts about Marshall University 8: John Deaver Drinko Library

In 1998, John Deaver Drinko Library was opened in the university.

Facts about Marshall University

Facts about Marshall University

Facts about Marshall University 9: the expansion and facilities

Since 1907, the expansion of facilities occurred in the college. In 1920, it offered the students with a four-year degree.

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Facts about Marshall University 10: flooding

Ohio River flooded the college in 1937, which devastated the building. The extensive flood was at James E. Morrow Library and Northcott Hall. For the prevention, a floodwall was established.

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