10 Facts about Library

Post On: January 7, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Library will tell us about the place where you can find various collections of books and other resources. The people may borrow the books and take them home or they may read the books right away on the library. The modern library allows the readers to have digital access to the books and other similar materials. The location of the library may be in a room or even a virtual room. It can be combined too. Let us get more details about library below:

Facts about Library 1: the types of library collections

The collections that you can find in a library are not limited to books. You can also find films, newspapers, periodicals, prints, maps, CDs, documents, manuscripts, microform, audiobooks, e-books, and Blue-ray discs, DVDs, databases and videotapes.

Library Facts

Library Facts

Facts about Library 2: the size

Library is made in various sizes. You may spot a library with a huge size, which houses million items. A small library, which only contains a few shelves, is also available.

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Facts about Library 3: the first libraries

The first libraries were used to house the clay tablets. They were traced back in 2600 BC.  It was found in Sumer. The tablet was considered as the first form of writing.

Facts about Library 4: the classical Greece

In the fifth century BC, the people in classical Greece have their personal or private libraries, which housed written books.

Library Ruins

Library Ruins

Facts about Library 5: the usage and maintenance of library

Library is established to use by a private individual, institution, public body, government, or a corporation.

Facts about Library 6: the librarians

The service of librarians is also available in the libraries for they will help the readers to find out the needed materials.



Facts about Library 7: quiet areas

When you are in a library, you have to maintain silence.  It is a place where people can study. However, some libraries also provide a place for collaborative or group study.

Facts about Library 8: the modern libraries

The modern libraries are very different from the traditional one for the readers are capable of using different kinds of information. They are not limited to the physical wall of the libraries.

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Facts about Library 9: libraries in the early middle ages

The books were considered as a valuable possession during the early Middle Ages for they would be chained to shelves in the monastery libraries.

Facts about Library

Facts about Library

Facts about Library 10: the private subscription library

The most popular type of private subscription library is the gentleman’s only library. One of the examples was The Liverpool Subscription Library.

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