10 Facts about Lee Evans

Post On: December 19, 2016
By: Agustina

Look at the following Facts about Lee Evans if you want to know about the English comedian and actor. He was born on February 25th, 1964. His full name is Lee John Martin Evans. He is also known as a musician and writer. Evans and the late Addison Cresswell were the co-directors for Little Mo Films. Cresswell passed away in December 2013. Before his death, he also served as the agent for Evans.

Facts about Lee Evans 1: a stand-up comedian

Evans is a famous standup comedian in Britain even though he also appears in various movies. The gross of his Roadrunner tour reaches £12.9 million.

Facts about Lee Evans

Facts about Lee Evans

Facts about Lee Evans 2: the Hollywood movies

Evans also appears in various Hollywood movies such as The Medallion (2003), The Ladies Man (2000), The Fifth Element (1997), there’s Something About Mary (1998), and Mouse Hunt (1997).

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Facts about Lee Evans 3: as a voice actor

Evans became a voice actor for “Zippo the Troodon” in Dinotopia (2002). The miniseries has been nominated for Emmy award.

Facts about Lee Evans 4: a leading role

The most notable leading role of Evans was in Freeze Frame (2004). It was an Irish movie, which marked his good bye from comedy.

The History of Mr Polly

The History of Mr Polly

Facts about Lee Evans 5: the cinema debut

The cinema debut of Evans earned him Best Actor from Paris Film Festival Award where he took part in Funny Bones (1995). It was a comedy of Jerry Lewis.

Facts about Lee Evans 6: the DVD sales

The DVD sales of Evans are amazing. The highest selling Christmas DVD in UK was earned by Big tour DVD of Evans in 2008. In 2014, the record was broken by Monsters Tour DVD of Evans.

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element

Facts about Lee Evans 7: the retirement

During The Jonathan Ross Show, Evans made an official announcement related to his retirement from the industry.

Facts about Lee Evans 8: the birthplace of Evans

The birthplace of Evans is located in Avonmouth, Bristol.  His father is Dave Evans, while his mother is Shirley Hunt.

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Facts about Lee Evans 9: the fame of Evans

The performance of Evans during his stand up comedy was energetic, sweaty, hot and loud which earned him prominence in 1990s. Evans’ work at Edinburg Festival earned him Perrier Comedy Award in 1993.

The Medallion

The Medallion

Facts about Lee Evans 10: comparison

People often compare his humor and style with Sir Norman Wisdom.

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