10 Facts about Lemmings

Post On: December 24, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Lemmings talk about a small rodent, which live in tundra or Arctic. They are included in the subfamily Arvicolinae along with muskrats and voles. Lemmings have a close relationship with gerbils, masters, mice and rats for all of them are the members of superfamily Muroidea. The weight of lemmings is around 1 to 4 oz or 30 to 100 grams. They have the length of 3 to 6 inches or 7 to 15 cm. Here are other facts about lemmings to notice:

Facts about Lemmings 1: the characteristics of lemmings

Lemmings are characterized with their short tails and soft fur.



Facts about Lemmings 2: the diet

The grasses, shoots, leaves, sedges, bulbs and roots are some diets of lemmings. They are included as herbivorous animals.

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Facts about Lemmings 3: the winter season

When the winter season comes, the lemmings will not hibernate. They will look for food through the snow.

Facts about Lemmings 4: a solitary animal

Lemming is a solitary animal. It means that they live alone by nature. They meet other lemmings for mating. Then they will live separately.

Cute Lemming

Cute Lemming

Facts about Lemmings 5: the reproductive rate

The reproductive rate of lemming is very high. If the food is abundant, the breeding rate is boosted.

Facts about Lemmings 6: the period population boom

The periodic population boom is also spotted in lemmings. When the natural habitat cannot provide them with the sufficient food, the population of lemmings will be dispersed.

Cute Lemmings

Cute Lemmings

Facts about Lemmings 7:  the lemmings with high breeding rate

The lemmings, which have high level of breeding rate, are the brown lemmings and Norway lemmings. The chaotic fluctuations on their populations are observed.

Facts about Lemmings 8: the appearance

Lemmings have different color from other rodents. The animals do not try to hide themselves from the predators. Aposematism or warning display is considered as the defense system of lemmings.

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Facts about Lemmings 9: the misconception

The misconception related to lemming was traced back throughout the history. The most popular one is that lemmings commit mass suicide by jumping off the cliffs when they migrate.

Facts about Lemmings

Facts about Lemmings

Facts about Lemmings 10: the fact about the suicide

The fact is that jumping off the cliff is not a suicide for lemmings. It is a part of their migratory behavior.

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