10 Facts about Leviathan

Post On: January 2, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Leviathan will tell you about the huge fish found in the Old Testament or Tanakh. Leviathan is often used to describe a large sea creature or monster.  The word Leviathan means whale in Modern Hebrew. However, it means great whale in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. Leviathan is associated with chaotic and monstrous nature. It symbolizes the primordial work. Let us get other interesting facts about Leviathan below:

Facts about Leviathan 1: mentioning Leviathan in the Tanakh

In the Tanakh, the word Leviathan is cited six times. It was believed that Leviathan was developed from the sea monster Litanu or Lotan in the early Canaanite in Hebrew.

Facts about Leviathan

Facts about Leviathan

Facts about Leviathan 2: Yammu

Yammu is considered as the sea god. Leviathan served as his servant.  Lotan was depicted as the fugitive serpent by most scholars.

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Facts about Leviathan 3: how to kill the Lotan

The benevolent storm god Ba’al defeats and kills the Lotan. The Syrian seals traced back in 18th to 16th century BCE was defeated and killed by the benevolent storm god of Hadad.

Facts about Leviathan 4: the presence of sea serpent

The presence of sea serpent is mostly found in the Ancient near East mythology.

Leviathan Facts

Leviathan Facts

Facts about Leviathan 5: the Sumerian iconography

The Sumerian iconography traced back in the third millennium described the defeat of a seven-headed serpent by the god Ninurta.

Facts about Leviathan 6: Near Eastern religions

The presence of Chaoskampf is common to find in the religions of Near Eastern. It depicted the cosmos battle between the culture hero and god with the sea monster. The latter one symbolizes the chaos.

Leviathan Image

Leviathan Image

Facts about Leviathan 7: the similarities

The similarities are spotted by the scholars related to the role of Leviathan in Hebrew with the earlier mythological stories. In the Hebrew Scriptures, Yahweh and Leviathan had battles.

Facts about Leviathan 8: the role of Leviathan

Leviathan was described as the powerful enemy of the Israel. Leviathan was called as the female monster. On the other hand, Behemoth is used to call the male monster.

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Facts about Leviathan 9: the representation of Leviathan in the later Jewish literature

In the later Jewish literature, Leviathan was depicted as a dragon dwelling at the Source of the Deep.

Leviathan Painting

Leviathan Painting

Facts about Leviathan 10: slaying Leviathan

When the Time comes, Leviathan will be slain. The flesh will be served at the banquets, while the skin is used to cover tent.

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