10 Facts about Linda Brown

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If you are interested to know the history of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, check Facts about Linda Brown. Linda Brown was in the center of the case.  It led into the court decision that separation of schools between the black and white was unconstitutional. The racial segregation was supported in United States for more than 60 years before the Brown case was on court.

Facts about Linda Brown 1: the beginning of the case

The case was filed by 13 Topeka parents for their 20 children against the Board of Education of Topeka City in 1951.

Brown v. Board of Education

Brown v. Board of Education

Facts about Linda Brown 2: Oliver L. Brown

Oliver L. Brown was the parent of Linda Brown. He was the named plaintiff in the case. In the local church, Oliver was an assistant pastor. This African American man worked in the shops of Santa Fe Railroad as a welder.

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Facts about Linda Brown 3: the lawsuit

His childhood friend named Scott convinced Oliver to join the case.

Facts about Linda Brown 4: the story of Linda Brown

Linda Brown was a third grader. She was the daughter of Oliver who studied at Monroe Elementary. It was the segregated black school located 1.6 kilometer or one mile away from her house. To reach the bus stop to ride to the school, Linda had to walk for six blocks every single day.

Facts about Linda Brown

Facts about Linda Brown

Facts about Linda Brown 5: the white school

There was a white school located a few blocks from her house. It was Sumner Elementary. However, the school was only for white people.

Facts about Linda Brown 6: the closest neighborhood school

In the fall of 1951, the parents of the children wanted to enroll their children to the nearby schools.  However, the parents were rejected. All of them were recommended to enroll their children to the segregated schools for black children.

Linda Brown

Linda Brown

Facts about Linda Brown 7: Linda Brown Thompson’s interview

Linda was interviewed in a PBS Documentary in 2004 related to the rejected enrollment in a white school.

Facts about Linda Brown 8: the age of Linda Brown

Linda Brown was only eight years old during the case. It made her travel in a significant distance from her home.

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Facts about Linda Brown 9: the name of the case

The name of the case was taken from the plaintiff name, Oliver Brown. He is Linda’s father.

Brown v. Board of Education Facts

Brown v. Board of Education Facts

Facts about Linda Brown 10:  the implication

If you think that the final decision was accepted by everyone, you are wrong. A Massive Resistance movement was organized by Senator Harry F. Byrd in Virginia.

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