10 Facts about Lip Gloss

Post On: February 6, 2017
By: Agustina

The product to add subtle color and to provide glossy texture on lips is explained on Facts about Lip Gloss. It is different from lip balm because the latter one has the soothing or medical function.  Lip gloss is packed in soft solid or liquid state.  The finishes of lip gloss are various. You can choose the metallic, glossy, frosted or even glittery one. Furthermore, it comes in several types of opacity from the solid to the translucent one. Let us check other interesting facts about lip gloss by reading the details below:

Facts about Lip Gloss 1: the forms of lip gloss

As I have stated before lip gloss is available in various types, colors, textures, sizes, packages and finishes.

Facts about Lip Gloss

Facts about Lip Gloss

Facts about Lip Gloss 2: the packaging

The packaging of lip gloss comes in various options too.  It may be applied using a sloped applicator or even a rounded applicator.  In some cases, you may also purchase a lip gloss with a small cylinder.  You can also buy a lip gloss packaged in tube form. It is applied with a lip brush.

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Facts about Lip Gloss 3: tubes and boxes

The plastic tube is used to package the lip gloss. It comes in squeezable, soft and small design. It is applied using a lip brush or a fingertip.  The lip glosses come in semisolid and solid ones.

Facts about Lip Gloss 4: the lip gloss and lip balm

It is hard to distinguish the lip gloss and lip balm for both come in blur definition.

lip gloss facts

lip gloss facts

Facts about Lip Gloss 5: the basic lip gloss

If you want to present the shining look on the lips without color, you can apply the basic lip gloss.

Facts about Lip Gloss 6: the color of lip gloss

The combination of shine and color is found on the color lip gloss. On the other hand, the glitter base is found on the glitter lip gloss. It can be mixed with and without color.

Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

Facts about Lip Gloss 7: the plumping lip gloss

The ingredients found in the plumping lip gloss make the lips plumper and softer.  The lip gloss will not last longer. It only provides the temporary effect. However, this product is not harmless.

Facts about Lip Gloss 8: the solid lip color effect

The solid lip color effect on the lip gloss is not intense compared to lipsticks.

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Facts about Lip Gloss 9: an introduction to makeup

Lip gloss is popular among the young teens and preteen girls for it is an introduction to makeup.

red lip gloss

red lip gloss

Facts about Lip Gloss 10: ingredients

The pigments, oils and waxes are the primary ingredients of lip gloss.

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