10 Facts about Lipan Apache

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Facts about Lipan Apache elaborate the ideas about the Southern Athabaskan Native Americans. Before the 17th century, Lipan Apache occupied the traditional territory of New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Tamaulipas, Coahuila and Nuevo Leon.  Now most of them live in San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. They are spread in the Southwest United States. The other members of Lipan Apache live in Canada, United States and Mexico. The base of Lipan Apache is located in McAllen, Texas. Let us check other interesting facts about Lipan Apache:

Facts about Lipan Apache 1: the name Lipan

Lipan Apache is named after the Spanish adaptation of Lepai-Nde. The tribe also has different names such as the Lipan, Vaqueros, Querechos, Lipanos, Lipanis, Eastern Apache, Apacheria Lipana, and Lipanes Llaneros, Lipau, Lipaw, Nde buffalo hunters and Lipanos

facts about lipan apache

facts about lipan apache

Facts about Lipan Apache 2: migratory story

The Comanche and their allies drove Lipan Apache from the Southern Great Plains by 1750.

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Facts about Lipan Apache 3: the division of Lipan Apache

There are a number of bands or groups of Lipan Apache. They include the Eastern Lipan, Tche shä, Tche shäⁿ, Tséral tuétahä, Tséral tuétahäⁿ, Ndáwe qóhä and many more.

Facts about Lipan Apache 4: Tséral tuétahä

Tséral tuétahä is a division of Lipan Apache, which means the red hair people. The group was extinct in 1884.

lipan apache facts

lipan apache facts

Facts about Lipan Apache 5: Tche shä

Another band in Lipan Apache is Tche shä or the sun otter people. They settled south of Rio Grande and San Antonio, Texas.

Facts about Lipan Apache 6: the Western Lipan

The bands in the Western Lipan include Tsésh ke shéndé, Tu’tssn Ndé, Twid Ndé and Tindi Ndé.

lipan apache pic

lipan apache pic

Facts about Lipan Apache 7: Twid Ndé

Twid Ndé lived between the Pecos River and Rio Grande after the group relocated to the north.

Facts about Lipan Apache 8: the history of Lipan Apache

In 1718, the Spanish had the records about Lipan for the first time.  The Spanish settlement in San Antonio was attacked by the group.

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Facts about Lipan Apache 9: Spanish expedition

In 1759, Lipan apache was involved to attack the Wichita and Comanche during a Spanish expedition. During the Battle of the Twin Villages, the Lipan was defeated.

Lipan Apache

Lipan Apache

Facts about Lipan Apache 10: the territory

Lipan Apache settled from the Colorado River to Rio Grande. In 1762, there were 700 people of Lipan people under the two Lipan chiefs.

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