10 Facts about Lakota

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One of the prominent Indian tribes is elaborated on Facts about Lakota. People also call the tribe as the Teton Sioux or simply the Teton tribe. The Lakota language is considered as the common language spoken by these people. They inhabit South Dakota and North Dakota.  Lakota is the tribe, but it also has seven sub tribes. They are the Oóhenuŋpa, Sičháŋǧu, Húŋkpapȟa, Oglála, Sihásapa, Mnikȟówožu and Itázipčho. Get other interesting facts about Lakota by checking the whole post below:

Facts about Lakota 1: the national news

The national news related to Lakota people gains the recognition due to the aired investigative story entitled Lost Children, Shattered Families by NPR.

facts about lakota

facts about lakota

Facts about Lakota 2: the notable Lakota people

Can you mention some of the prominent Lakota people? They include Siŋté Glešká, Maȟpíya Lúta, Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake and Touch the Clouds.

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Facts about Lakota 3: what is the aired story about?

Lost Children, Shattered Families story is related to the “kidnapping” of the D.S.S. or South Dakota’s Department of Social Services by taking the Lakota children from their houses.

Facts about Lakota 4: the Lakota activists

Chase Iron Eyes and Madonna Thunder Hawk are the Lakota activists.

lakota facts

lakota facts

Facts about Lakota 5: the allegation

There was an allegation that the illegal denial for the right to take care their own grandchildren by the Lakota grandmothers.

Facts about Lakota 6: the name Lakota

The word Lakota means allied, friendly, feeling affection or united. It is derived from the Lakota autonym.

lakota flag

lakota flag

Facts about Lakota 7: the Sioux

The Sioux is a term used to call many of the tribes.  Now the Dakota and Lakota people are called under the term Sioux by the government of United States in 19th and 20th centuries.

Facts about Lakota 8: the occupation of Lakota

The South and North Dakota are inhabited by the Lakota people. It is considered as the Western of the Sioux Groups.

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Facts about Lakota 9: Crazy Horse

One of the renowed Lakotas is Crazy Horse. During the Battle of the Little Bighorn, he was the Oglala war leader. He lived in 1840 until 1877.

Facts about Lakota 10: Luther Standing Bear

Another important person of Lakota was Luther Standing Bear. He was known as a rights activist, actor and author who lived in 1868 until 1939.

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