10 Facts about the Matis Tribe

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You will be informed with the indigenous people in Brazil.  The number of population of this tribe is only 290 individuals who live in two different villages in Brazil.  Agriculture and hunting are the primary activities conducted by the Matis Tribe. They inhabit the Vale do Javari Indigenous Territory that spans on the area of 83,000 km square one 32,000 sq miles. Panoan language is considered as the Matis language. Let’s get other interesting facts about the Matis Tribe below:

Facts about the Matis Tribe 1: FUNAI

FUNAI was the Brazilian agency who contacted the Matis Tribe for the first time in 1975-1976.

Facts about the Matis Tribe 2: visiting the Matis villages

The Matis villages were visited by FUNAI in 1978. The FUNAI station was visited by the Matis men after they could overcome their fears.

Matis Tribe

Matis Tribe

Facts about the Matis Tribe 3: the western diseases

Almost the third of Matis tribe population were affected by the western diseases 1980. It was hard for them to live in the modern era. The survivors relocated to Itui iver after 50 Matis people passed away because of the disease in 1981.

Facts about the Matis Tribe 4: the population in 1983

There were 87 Matis individuals alive in 1983. At first, there were five villages for Matis tribe. Three of them were lost in that decade. Matis occasionally visited the abandoned villages when they wanted to harvest fruit.

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Facts about the Matis Tribe 5: the elder and younger Matis

The old way of lifestyle is primary concern of the elder Matis people. On the other hand, the younger Matis are more open to the modern lifestyle. Education is important in modern Brazil, which affects the younger Matis people.

Matis Tribe Pic

Matis Tribe Pic

Facts about the Matis Tribe 6: a plane crash

A plane crash occurred near the Itui River. The Brazilian Air Force was contacted by the Matis tribe. The nine survivors were located by the Matis tribe on 31 October 2009.

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Facts about the Matis Tribe 7: the language

Matis language is considered as an indigenous language in Brazil. The Matis who lived in a Brazilian state, Amazonas speak it.

Facts about the Matis Tribe 8: the speakers

The number of Matis language speakers is around 350 individuals.

Facts about Matis Tribe

Facts about Matis Tribe

Facts about the Matis Tribe 9: is the language endangered?

You are wrong if you think that Matis language is endangered. It is spoken by many young people.

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Facts about the Matis Tribe 10: Vale does Javari

One of the biggest indigenous territories in Brazil is located in Vale do Javari. The Matis tribe lives here.

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