10 Facts about Liz Tran

Post On: February 22, 2017
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Facts about Liz Tran inform us with the famous artist. She was born in 1979 in Eugene, Oregon. It was very surprising to know that she followed many art classes even though she was old enough to do it. Then she had a job to construct wooden boats. She was educated at Cornish College of the Arts, which forced her to relocate to Seattle in the summer of 2000. Tran obtained the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Print Art and Painting after graduating from the college in 2002. Let me show you other interesting facts about Tran below:

Facts about Liz Tran 1: as a professional artist

Tran became a professional artist after she graduated from the college. Her works were exhibited in a number of locations such as in Texas, Vermont, Washington, New Hampshire, Illinois and Oregon.

Liz Tran Facts

Liz Tran Facts

Facts about Liz Tran 2: the notable themes of her works

The objects found in many works of Tran are trees, dresses, buildings, and boats.  She stated that the children’s illustrators, travel and color inspired her to create artworks.

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Facts about Liz Tran 3: the paintings of Tran

Tran used the Japanese paper, beeswax, graphite, acrylics and ink to create her paintings.

Facts about Liz Tran 4: the personal life today

Tran has cat and dog. She also lives with her husband in Seattle.

Liz Tran Pic

Liz Tran Pic

Facts about Liz Tran 5: the exhibitions

The exhibitions of Tran are not only conducted in the national, but also in the international scene.

Facts about Liz Tran 6:  the channeling subjects

Tran likes to explore various subjects in her works. The Big Bang, outer space, geodes, and shapes of nature are her channeling themes.

Liz Tran

Liz Tran

Facts about Liz Tran 7: the public collections of Tran

The works of Tran are included in the public collections of Harborview Medical Center, City of Seattle’s Portable Works Collection, and Camac Art Centre.

Facts about Liz Tran 8: the awards

Tran has received various awards. The Camac Art Centre in France awarded her with the Nellie Cornish Scholarship and residency.

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Facts about Liz Tran 9: the characteristics of Tran’s artworks

The characteristics of Tran’s artworks are seen from the glitter-wielding and color-loving style.

Facts about Liz Tran

Facts about Liz Tran

Facts about Liz Tran 10: the influence

In an interview, Tran stated that the connection of the internal environment and natural world inspired her to create artworks. She added that growth was symbolized by trees.  Water represented change, while mountain symbolized obstacles.

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