10 Facts about Loggerhead Turtles

Post On: March 1, 2017
By: Agustina

The animals with the scientific name of Caretta caretta is explained on Facts about Loggerhead Turtles. The people simply call it loggerhead.  The distribution of the turtles spans on various parts of the world. Loggerhead is included as a member of family Cheloniidae. It is a kind of marine reptile. The adult loggerhead has the length of 35 inches or 90 cm. The average weight is around 298 lb or 135 kilogram. There was a discovered specimen of loggerhead, which has the length of 100 inches or 280 cm. The weight of the largest specimen reaches 1,000 lb or 450 kilogram.  Let me show you the details about loggerhead below:

Facts about Loggerhead Turtles 1: the skin color

The skin color of loggerhead is ranging from brown to yellow color. The reddish brown tone is spotted on the shell.

facts about Loggerhead Turtles

facts about Loggerhead Turtles

Facts about Loggerhead Turtles 2: the sex differences

The sex differences on the external body are spotted when loggerhead is mature. The female adult loggerhead has the longer plastrons and thinner tails than the males.

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Facts about Loggerhead Turtles 3: the habitat

Loggerhead is a marine turtle. Thus, they can be seen living in the estuarine and saltwater habitat.  The female loggerheads will come to the shore land to lay their eggs.Loggerheads can be found in various oceans in the world like Indian, Pacific, Mediterranean, and Atlantic Oceans.

Facts about Loggerhead Turtles 4: the reproductive rate

The reproductive rate of loggerhead is low. The female will lay around four eggs on the shore.  The production of eggs will be conducted on the next two or three years.

Loggerhead Turtles Facts

Loggerhead Turtles Facts

Facts about Loggerhead Turtles 5: the life span

Loggerhead may live for around 47 to 67 years.  They are sexually mature at the age of 17 to 33 years.

Facts about Loggerhead Turtles 6: the diet of loggerheads

The invertebrates, which dwelled at the bottom parts of the oceans, are the primary food of loggerheads. The prey will be dismantled by using the powerful jaws of loggerhead.

Loggerhead Turtles

Loggerhead Turtles

Facts about Loggerhead Turtles 7: the risk of predation

The risk of predation is high when the loggerheads are still young. When they grow into adulthood, the predators are only the big marine animals.

Facts about Loggerhead Turtles 8:  the population

Due to the low population, loggerheads receive the endangered species status.

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Facts about Loggerhead Turtles 9: the death of loggerhead

The death of loggerhead is mainly caused by the untended fishing gear.



Facts about Loggerhead Turtles 10: effort for protection

People concern with the effort to protect the low population of loggerheads.

Are you well informed with facts about loggerhead turtles?