10 Fun Facts about Lobsters

Post On: February 25, 2017
By: Agustina

If you want to know the family, which includes the large marine crustaceans, check Fun Facts about Lobsters. They inhabit the sea floor at the burrows or even crevices. The animals have muscular tails and long bodies. Lobsters are important for they are economically valuable. They are often served as the popular seafood in many restaurants. The claws are spotted on the three of five pairs of legs that lobsters have. The people who live in the coastal areas will like to get lobsters as the main commodity. Check other interesting facts about lobsters below:

Fun Facts about Lobsters 1: the important species of lobsters

The important species of lobsters are from the genus Metanephrops and genus Nephrops. Both are commercially valuable.

Lobsters Facts

Lobsters Facts

Fun Facts about Lobsters 2: the clawed lobsters

The clawed lobsters do not have any relation with the squat lobsters, slipper lobsters or even spiny lobsters. The freshwater crayfish and reef lobsters have closer relation with clawed lobsters.

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Fun Facts about Lobsters 3: the characteristics of lobsters

Lobsters are vulnerable when they moult to grow just like the arthropods. The hard protective exoskeleton is found at the lobsters. Some species of lobsters change the body color when the moulting process takes place.

Fun Facts about Lobsters 4: the walking legs

Can you guess the number of legs that lobsters have? Lobsters are equipped with 10 walking legs.  The claws are found at the front three pairs of legs.

Lobsters Pic

Lobsters Pic

Fun Facts about Lobsters 5: the head

The head of lobsters features the first, second and third maxillipeds, the first and second maxillae, mandibles, antennules, and antennae.

Fun Facts about Lobsters 6: the function of the antennae

The function of the antennae of lobsters is for sensor because they dwell at the bottom area of the ocean with murky environment.



Fun Facts about Lobsters 7: the life span

The life span of lobsters is around 70 years. However, it is hard to decide the exact age. The fertility of lobsters is not affected by age.

Fun Facts about Lobsters 8: the habitat of lobster

The habitat of lobsters is at the bottom part of the oceans where they dwell on the muddy, sandy and rocky bottoms.

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Fun Facts about Lobsters 9: the diet

Lobsters eat worms, crustaceans, mollusks, fish and plant life. Therefore, they are omnivorous animals.

Facts about Lobsters

Facts about Lobsters

Fun Facts about Lobsters 10: the size

The length of lobsters is around 10 to 20 inches or 25 to 50 cm.

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