10 Facts about Lotus Temple

Post On: March 13, 2017
By: Agustina

The temple found in India with the shape of lotus flower is explained on Facts about Lotus Temple. The construction of the temple was completed in 1986. It was used as the House of Worship for the Baha’i people. You just have to go to Delhi to view the unique shaped temple. In the Indian subcontinent, Lotus Temple has the status as Mother Temple.

Facts about Lotus Temple 1: the visitors

If you think that only the Baha’i people who can visit the Lotus Temple, you are wrong. It is okay for all people regardless their religion, culture and color to visit the temple. It is open for everyone just like other Baha’i temples.

Lotus Temple Facts

Lotus Temple Facts

Facts about Lotus Temple 2: the design

The flowerlike temple is unique. It features 27 marble-clad petals used to create nine sides. Therefore, the building has nine doors, which direct the people to the center hall. The temple can accommodate around 2,500 individuals.

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Facts about Lotus Temple 3: the awards

Due to the unique shape and construction, Lotus Flower has received many awards.   It was considered as the most visited building in the world according to a CNN report in 2001.

Facts about Lotus Temple 4: the Baha’i faith

The faith of Baha’i teaches the followers that all people from different religions are allowed to worship, reflect and gather in the Baha’i House of Worship.

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

Facts about Lotus Temple 5: Baha’i scripture

Baha’i scripture is found at the Lotus Temple just like the other Baha’i Temples. A nine side circular shape has been used as the main architectural design in all temples of Baha’i. It was established by the son of the religion founder, `Abdu’l-Bahá.

Facts about Lotus Temple 6: the dome

The dome is not applied as the primary architectural design in Baha’i temples. The images, statues and pictures are not included in the design of the temple.

Facts about Lotus Temple

Facts about Lotus Temple

Facts about Lotus Temple 7: the surface

The white marble is used to create the surface of Lotus Temple. It was taken from the Penteli Mountain of Greece.

Facts about Lotus Temple 8: the area

The total area covered by Lotus Temple with ponds and gardens reaches 105,000-meter square or 26 acres.

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Facts about Lotus Temple 9: the architect

Fariborz Sahba is the architect of Lotus Flower. He is an Iranian. Now, he resides in Canada.

Lotus Temple Interior

Lotus Temple Interior

Facts about Lotus Temple 10: the fund

Ardishír Rustampúr of Hyderabad gave a major fund for buying the land to build Lotus Temple. Today, it also becomes an attraction for tourists.

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