10 Facts about Louis Macneice

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Facts about Louis Macneice discuss the notable playwright and poet from Ireland.  He was born on September 12th, 1907 and died on September 3rd, 1963. Macneice was included as a member of “Thirties poets” for all of them were a part of Auden Group generation. The contemporaries of Macneice included Cecil Day-Lewis, Stephen Spender, and W. H. Auden. The public deeply appreciated the works of Macneice. Let us find out his work style in the following post below:

Facts about Louis Macneice 1: the style of his works

Macneice often depicted the awareness of the Irish root in his works. He also rejected totalitarianism.

Facts about Louis MacNeice

Facts about Louis MacNeice

Facts about Louis Macneice 2: the nickname

The birthplace of Louis was located in Belfast. Until his teenage years, he was called Freddie. His mother was Elizabeth Margaret. His father was John Frederick MacNeice.

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Facts about Louis Macneice 3: the life of his mother

Due to the severe depression, his mother had to live in a nursing home in Dublin. In 1914, Tuberculosis made her died even though she survived from the uterine cancer.

Facts about Louis Macneice 4: living at Sherborne

Living at Sherborne, Macneice was happy.  The focus of his education was on literature and Classics. In 1921, he was educated at Marlborough College after earning a classical scholarship. The social structure in the college was cruel and hierarchical. Thus, Macneice was less happy.

Louis MacNeice Facts

Louis MacNeice Facts

Facts about Louis Macneice 5: the ancient and classical literature

Macneice developed a higher interest about the ancient and classical literature.  He was interested to learn about the Norse mythology and ancient Egyptian culture.

Facts about Louis Macneice 6: postmastership

Macneice attended Merton College in Oxford after he earned a postmastership in November 1925.

Louis MacNeice

Louis MacNeice

Facts about Louis Macneice 7: traveling

In 1955 and 1956, Macneice was assigned by BBC to travel to Egypt and Ghana respectively.

Facts about Louis Macneice 8: the bad habit

Macneice developed a bad habit. He had heavy drinking.

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Facts about Louis Macneice 9: the death of Macneice

Persons from Porlock was the final radio play where Macneice gathered the sound effects in Yorkshire in August 1963.  Macneice’s cloth was all wet due to the storm. He did not change it until he arrived at Hertfordshire’s home. He developed vital pneumonia from his bronchitis. On 3 September 1963, he died after being sent to the hospital on August 27th. He was 55 years old.

Louis MacNeice Pic

Louis MacNeice Pic

Facts about Louis Macneice 10: the burial place

The burial place of Macneice was with his mother in Carrowdore churchyard in County Down.

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