10 Facts about Louis Sullivan

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Let us find out the details about the father of modernism on Facts about Louis Sullivan. Some people also call him as the father of skyscrapers. This notable American architect was born on 3rd September 1856 and died on 14th April 1924. His full name is Louis Henry Sullivan. Frank Lloyd Wright was mentored by Sullivan. The trinity of American architecture consists of Sullivan, Wright and Henry Hobson Richardson. He was the posthumous recipient of AIA Gold Medal in 1944.

Facts about Louis Sullivan 1: the primary style

The primary style of Sullivan is depicted through the phrase “form follows function”. According to Sullivan, the ancient Roman architect took the credit for the concept.

Louis Sullivan Grave

Louis Sullivan Grave

Facts about Louis Sullivan 2: parents

In the end of 1840s, Sullivan’s parents migrated to United States. His father was Patrick Sullivan, while his mother was Andrienne List.

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Facts about Louis Sullivan 3: the education

When he was 16 years old, Sullivan was enrolled at MIT to study architecture. He relocated to Philadelphia after one year studying at MIT. Then he was employed by Frank Furness. Sullivan had to leave the job due to the Depression in 1873. The he settled in Chicago and became a part in the building boom due to the in 1871 Great Chicago Fire, which destroyed most buildings in the city. William LeBaron Jenney employed him.

Facts about Louis Sullivan 4: the most productive years

The most productive period of Sullivan was when he worked for Dankmar Adler in 1879. Both were known as theater architects.

Louis Sullivan Facts

Louis Sullivan Facts

Facts about Louis Sullivan 5: the fame

Both Dankmar and Sullivan were famous architects. Their fame made them earn commissions to build theaters in other cities like in Colorado and Washington.

Facts about Louis Sullivan 6: Auditorium Building

Auditorium Building was considered as the peak of their work. It was located in Chicago, which consisted of a hotel, a theater with 4,200 seats, and an office building.

Facts about Louis Sullivan

Facts about Louis Sullivan

Facts about Louis Sullivan 7: the office building

After being recognized as the theater building, the firm was known for their office building.

Facts about Louis Sullivan 8: the father of American skyscraper

Sullivan is often cited as the father of American skyscraper due to his amazing construction and design of high-rise building.

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Facts about Louis Sullivan 9: the death of Sullivan

On 14 April 1924, Sullivan passed away in a hotel room in Chicago.

Louis Sullivan 1919

Louis Sullivan 1919

Facts about Louis Sullivan 10: the burial place

The burial site of Sullivan is located in Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. A few feet from the headstone, you can find a monument to honor him.

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