10 Facts about Lowriders

Post On: March 19, 2017
By: Agustina

Why don’t you check Facts about Lowriders if you want to know a class of customized vehicles? If you think that they are similar with the regular vehicle, you are wrong. The lowriders are unique due to the customized look. It allows the owners to have a colorful paint and intricate design.  The vehicle often features the hydraulic system, which enables the owner to pull the vehicle up or down depending on the personal preference. Moreover, the vehicle features 13-inch wire spoke wheels.

Facts about Lowriders 1: a lowered car

All lowriders are lowered car with unique and special characteristics. However, you are wrong if you think that all lowered cars are lowriders.

Chevy Impala

Chevy Impala

Facts about Lowriders 2: a class of vehicle

The term lowrider is used to define the class of vehicle, which has the customized design.  This term is not merely used to define the height of a car measured from the chassis to the ground.

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Facts about Lowriders 3: the car’s driver

The driver who rides this type of car is also called as a lowrider.

Facts about Lowriders 4: the performance

Due to the unique design, some lowriders show off during the car parades.



Facts about Lowriders 5: the brief history of lowriders

Lowriders were started in 1940s and 1950s after the Second World War ended. It took place in Mexican-American Barrios in Los Angeles, California.

Facts about Lowriders 6: the lowered effect

The lowered effect on the car was firstly achieved by putting sandbags inside the trunk. The youth did it to get the look.

Facts about Lowriders

Facts about Lowriders

Facts about Lowriders 7: a method

Since putting sandbag was not effective, a method was developed to lower the car. It was replaced by lowering blocks, drop spindles, z’ed frames and cut spring coils.

Facts about Lowriders 8: the motto

The motto of the youth who wanted to have a lowered effect on their cars was “Low and Slow”. When they had a lowrider, they want to drive the vehicle as a slowly as possible.

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Facts about Lowriders 9: redesigning the car

Besides lowering the car, these people also redesigned it to show the unique look. The painting on the car reflected the political or even cultural statement.



Facts about Lowriders 10: hydraulic Pesco pumps

Hydraulic Pesco pumps were applied by Ron Aguirre in 1959 to change the car’s height with a switch.

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