10 Facts about McLaren

Post On: December 20, 2017
By: Andi

facts about McLaren tell about the automotive British F1 team. This automotive found in 2010 by Bruce McLaren, in Surrey, United Kingdom. McLaren Focus in producing sports car, in 2014 this automotive produced 1,649 units sports car. The more information you got, the more interesting to read this topic. Here are the amazing facts about McLaren.

Facts about McLaren 1: Origin and Founder

In 2010, Mclaren Automotive replaced McLaren Cars. McLaren Formula One released in 1992.  Bruce McLaren, McLaren’s Formula One founder, was born in Auckland, NewZealand, 1937. He learned about  cars and engineerin g at his parent’s service station and workshop in his hometown. In 1958, he came to United Kingdom intended to support Australian and New Zealand racers to compete in Europe. In 1963, McLaren founded Bruce McLaren Racing subsequently, the company built the first McLaren race car. In 1970, McLaren died in a car accident.

Facts about McLaren 2: Merging and Growth

The company merging with Ron Dennis in 1980. In August 1988, Dennis, Team Principal and Gordon Murray began to develop a new car and in 1992, the formula one was launched with a total production run of just 106 units. In 2010, this company re-launched as a standalone manufacturer after briefly had collaborated with Mercedes-Benz.

McLaren Logo

Facts about McLaren 3: Logo

The first McLaren’s logo created in 1964, focused on a kiwi based upon New Zealand’s national symbol. In 1981, Raymond Loewy designed the new logo for McLaren International. The logo re-designed in 1997 then updated again in 2002 with a more modern design.

Facts about McLaren 4: Products and Strategies

In 2015 the company released its three-tier product structure and introducing a new calling strategy that includes range names (Sports, Super, and Ultimate Series) and derivatives (LT, S and C).

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Facts about McLaren 5: Sport Series

The sport series is the newest range added to McLaren Automotive. In 2017, the sport series is expected to account for two thirds of the annual sales volume. the 570s Coupe is the first model in McLaren’s sport series. Subsequently, 540C Coupe is the second member of the McLaren sport series launched in April 2015. In the following year, McLaren announced the newer member of sport series, 570GT Coupe. In 2017 570 Spider released as a sport series. 570GT MSO is the newest McLaren sport series cars launched in September 2017.

Facts about McLaren 6: Super Series

650S Coupe and Spider are the McLaren super series car released in 2014. Both the Coupe and Spider model feature the same 3.8-litre twin-turbo M838T V8 engine. The spider model has the higher weight than the coupe model. McLaren 720S is the newest super series car launced in 2017.

McLaren’s super series car

Facts about McLaren 7: Ultimate Series

McLaren P1 is the ultimate series car showed at Geneva Motor Show in 2013. The name of P1 inspired by Formula One. Subsequently, in 2015, P1 GTR was introduced as ultimate series car, interestingly, the owners of P1 GTR have an occasion to become a member of the McLaren P1 GTR Programme.

Facts about McLaren 8: Facilities

McLaren company has amazing facilities, such as artificial lake, design studios, laboratories, cafetaria, swimming pool, and fitness centre.

Facts about McLaren 9: Collaboration

In 1999, McLaren agreed to collaborate with Mercedes-Benz. McLaren designed for Mercedes-Bendz while Mercedes-Benz was the supplier engine.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

Facts about McLaren 10: Unreleased Vehicles

During the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, noted that there are three further cars being proposed, namely P9, P8 or SLS, and P10.

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