10 Facts about Lumberjacks

Post On: March 28, 2017
By: Agustina

Lumberjack is not a popular occupation for some people due to the high risk during the job. The logging industries always need lumberjacks for transporting and harvesting wood. If you want to know the details about this occupation, read Facts about Lumberjacks. Harvesting wood was performed by using hand tools in the past. In the modern day, the high-end tools are used for easier and faster harvest.

Facts about Lumberjacks 1: popularity

The history about lumberjack is very popular in United States. It has been depicted in spectator sport, mass media and folklore.

Facts about Lumberjacks 2: the reality about lumberjack

If you think that becoming a lumberjack will produce a lot of money, you are wrong. This job is low paying. Moreover, it is difficult and dangerous. The living condition is also primitive since lumberjack has to do the job in the forest.

Facts about Lumberjacks

Facts about Lumberjacks

Facts about Lumberjacks 3: the traditional culture

Though the payment is low, lumberjack embraces the traditional culture, which celebrates the masculinity, power and strength of a man.

Facts about Lumberjacks 4: lifestyle of lumberjack

An investigation about the lifestyle of lumberjack had been conducted by Tomczik. He gathered the information from the logging camps in Minnesota and Maine in 1840 until 1940.

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Facts about Lumberjacks 5: logging business

The logging business is still considered as a traditional one even though people have lived in modern era. The masculinity and physical strength are needed for a lumberjack.



Facts about Lumberjacks 6: the number of lumberjack

The number of lumberjack reached 500,000 individuals in 1906.

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Facts about Lumberjacks 7: the logging camps

Lumberjacks lived in logging camps, which featured boards and rooms. They developed the sense of individuality due to the isolated workplace.

Facts about Lumberjacks 8: independent lifestyle

The lifestyle of lumberjack was independent. They felt proud with the works that they did. When lumberjacks were free, they would share tall tales and played rough games.



Facts about Lumberjacks 9: modern technology

The jobs of lumberjacks change drastically due to the introduction of modern technology. the harvesters and chainsaws are employed for falling and cutting the trees.

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Facts about Lumberjacks 10: the worst job

Being a logger or lumberjack is considered as the worst job according to a survey of Wall Street Journal. The reasons are related to the danger, low income and work instability.

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