10 Facts about Lynmouth Flood

Post On: April 4, 2017
By: Agustina

The disaster, which took place in south-west England, is explained on Facts about Lynmouth Flood.  A storm of tropical intensity hit the region on August 15 to 16, 1952.  Within 24 hours, the area received 9 inches or 229 mm of rain. The storm was believed to get worse because of the orographic effect. The flood occurred in Lynmouth because of the huge wave of water and debris down from the river. Here are the complete details about Lynmouth Flood:

Facts about Lynmouth Flood 1: the night of the flood

The night of the flood had been described by Sunday Express through the guest who stayed at Lyndale Hotel.

Facts about Lynmouth Flood 2: the guest’s explanation

The water rose rapidly according to the guest from 7 o’clock last night.  The guest described the fast-moving water like an avalanche. The doors, windows and walls were broken down because of the flood.

Facts about Lynmouth Flood

Facts about Lynmouth Flood

Facts about Lynmouth Flood 3: evacuation

All guests who stayed in the hotel were evacuated from ground floor. They had to reach the top floor since the second floor had been covered by the flood.

Facts about Lynmouth Flood 4: debris

The water of the flood carried much debris. However, the trees and boulders were the prevalent ones.

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Facts about Lynmouth Flood 5: Flood Memorial Hall

One of the primary buildings in Lynmouth destroyed by the flood was the site of an old lifeboat station. To commemorate it, Flood Memorial Hall was established here.

Lynmouth Flood Facts

Lynmouth Flood Facts

Facts about Lynmouth Flood 6: the damaged buildings

There were various building destroyed and damaged by the flood. The number of cars washed out to the sea was 38 units. The number of bridges severely damaged was 28. The flood also affected at least 100 buildings.

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Facts about Lynmouth Flood 7: River Bray at Filleigh

The lives of three scouts who camped along River Bray at Filleigh were gone when the river flooded.

Facts about Lynmouth Flood 8: the root cause

The Lynmouth flood was mainly caused by the heavy rain linked with the low pressure on Atlantic Ocean.

Lynmouth Flood

Lynmouth Flood

Facts about Lynmouth Flood 9: weather forecast

It was hard for the people to forecast the weather because in 1952, the satellite date was still limited.

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Facts about Lynmouth Flood 10: other floods in Lynmouth

In 1607 and 1796, Lynmouth had been affected by the similar type of flood. Due to the flood, the city received major restoration.

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