10 Facts about Light Pollution

Post On: January 20, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Light Pollution inform us about the photopollution. This condition is caused by the high level of disturbing artificial light. The light pollution is very common to spot in the cities due to the effect of urbanization. It is believed that light pollution brings the negative effect for it damages the aesthetic environment, disturbs the ecosystem and compromises the health.  The extensive light is added in the environment, which causes multiple problems. Get other facts about light pollution by reading the following post below:

Facts about Light Pollution 1: the scientific definition of light pollution

Light pollution has been defined scientifically. It is believed that the artificial light causes the degradation of photic habitat.

Facts about Light Pollution

Facts about Light Pollution

Facts about Light Pollution 2: the natural light level

When using the extensive light sources, the natural light level of indoor and outdoor environments will be changed. The human health will be affected due to the increased sources of light.

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Facts about Light Pollution 3: the urban residents

The urban residents will experience the adverse health effect caused by the extensive usages of artificial light. Moreover, it also disturbs the astronomical observation due to its competition with the starlight in the night sky.

Facts about Light Pollution 4: the industrial civilization

The industrial civilization also plays an important role for developing the light pollution.

Light Pollution Pictures

Light Pollution Pictures

Facts about Light Pollution 5: the sources of light pollution

The sources of light pollution are seen from the presence of light for advertising, offices, house exterior, residential interior, sporting venues, streetlights, offices, commercial properties and factories.

Facts about Light Pollution 6: the severe level of light pollution

The severe level of light pollution is spotted in the densely populated areas and highly industrialized areas in the big cities and countries.

Light Pollution Facts

Light Pollution Facts

Facts about Light Pollution 7: the global dark sky movement

Have you ever heard about the global dark sky movement? It has been started since 1980 to encourage the people decreasing the level of light pollution.

Facts about Light Pollution 8: the non-profit organization

The non-profit organization, which deals with the movement, is IDA or International Dark-Sky Association.

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Facts about Light Pollution 9: the habits of the people

The habits of the people should be changed related to the usage of light so that the light pollution can be reduced. The light should be used effectively.

Light Pollution

Light Pollution

Facts about Light Pollution 10: advertising

The advertiser believes that the light of their advertising should be sparkling, visible and bright. However, some people consider it as an annoying light.

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