10 Facts about Landfills

Post On: November 25, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Landfills inform the readers with the site for disposing the waste material. People often call the landfills as the garbage dump, rubbish dump, dump, tip, midden, dumping ground or even dump. Landfills receive the status as the oldest type of waste treatment. People just throw the debris or garbage in the pit or even leave them in piles. Get other facts about landfills below:

Facts about Landfills 1: the common disposal

Landfill is considered as the most prevalent type of waste disposal in the world.



Facts about Landfills 2: the usage of Landfill

Landfill is not only used for throwing garbage. In some cases, it is used for processing the waste material like recycling, treatment and sorting waste, temporary storage and transferring the garbage.
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Facts about Landfills 3: the techniques

The techniques applied by the operators for the appropriate landfills include the compact waste to decrease its volume, confine the waste and cover the waste using the soil layers.

Facts about Landfills 4: the inspection

The inspection also takes place when the waste is brought to the landfills. The waste should meet the standard acceptance rules.

landfills hawaii

landfills hawaii

Facts about Landfills 5: the vehicles

The vehicles involve in the process of waste management in the landfills include the bulldozer or compactors. They are important to reduce the volume and size of waste.

Facts about Landfills 6: the life of landfill

The life of landfill in a particular area in the world is determined by the waste compaction process.

facts about landfills

facts about landfills

Facts about Landfills 7: the waste density

The waste density is affected by several factors such as the number of passes of the bulldozers or compactors, the thickness of waste and waste compressibility.

Facts about Landfills 8:  the expense

When talking about the expense, landfill is considered as the cheapest way for waste disposal. The country with large open space will be benefited with proper landfills.

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Facts about Landfills 9: the negative effect of landfills

Landfill also creates some negative effects. The infrastructure may be disrupted due to the presence of heavy vehicles like big trucks, bulldozers and compactors.

Facts about Landfills 10: the pollution

The level of pollution on the watercourses and local roads may increase due to the heavy amount of garbage.

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