10 Facts about Land Pollution

Post On: November 25, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Land Pollution tell the readers about the contamination of land. Actually, there are several forms of pollutions. They include the air, land, and water pollutions. In the following post, we will only discuss the land pollution. When the soil is polluted, the land degradation takes place.

Facts about Land Pollution 1: the causes

Can you guess the cause of land pollution?  The introduction of chemicals on the land as well as the changes of natural soil is considered as the primary causes.

land pollution effect

land pollution effect

Facts about Land Pollution 2: the main contributors

The major contributors of land pollution include the inappropriate waste disposal, agricultural chemicals, and industrial activity.
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Facts about Land Pollution 3: the chemicals

The prevalent types of chemicals, which pollute the land, include pesticides, solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, lead, and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.

Facts about Land Pollution 4: the contamination level

The contamination level of land is seen from the intensity of chemical usage. The industrialization process in the area is also contributed.

land pollution

land pollution

Facts about Land Pollution 5: the negative impacts

The land pollution gives negative impact on the environment. The vapor of the contaminants and direct contact with the polluted soil present the increased health risk. Due to the contaminated soil, the water supplies are affected.

Facts about Land Pollution 6:  how to fix the contaminated soil

The tasks related to cleanup and mapping of contaminated soil are super expensive.  The people should conduct the hydrology and geology.

land pollution banner

land pollution banner

Facts about Land Pollution 7: the detail causes of land pollution

The detail causes of land pollution include the road debris, oil drilling, accidental spills, intensive farming, waste disposal, acid rain, corrosion, mining, and industrial accidents.

Facts about Land Pollution 8: the soil contamination before 1960s

Before 1960s, the common causes of land pollution included smelting in the industries, industrial heating and the extensive usage of coal.

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Facts about Land Pollution 9:  the pesticide

The usage of pesticide also affects the soil. The primary purpose of pesticide is to kill the pest like birds, mollusks, plant pathogens, insects, microbes, fish, rats and nematodes.

facts about land pollution

facts about land pollution

Facts about Land Pollution 10: the human health

The health of human being is affected when the land is polluted. The direct contact with the soil may affect their body. Inhaling the contaminated soil may also affect the health of our lung.

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