10 Facts about Maddie Ziegler

Post On: April 12, 2017
By: Agustina

Look at Facts about Maddie Ziegler if you want to know the famous American dancer, model and actress. She was born on 30th September 2002. Her full name is Madison Nicole Ziegler. People know her as Maddie Ziegler. She rose to prominence after participating in Dance Moms in 2011 until 2016. It was a Lifetime’s reality show.

Facts about Maddie Ziegler 1: the career in 2014

She improves her career after appearing in five music videos by Sia in 2014 until 2016. You can spot her impressive dance in “Elastic Heart” and “Chandelier”.  On YouTube, the music videos have gathered 3.2 billion views.

Facts about Maddie Ziegler 2: the appearance of Ziegler

Ziegler’s appearance is not only on scripted shows. She also participates in dance concerts, TV shows, featured articles and magazine covers.

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler

Facts about Maddie Ziegler 3: a model

She is also recognized as a model for top fashion brands such as Target, Ralph Lauren and Capezio.

Facts about Maddie Ziegler 4: Time Magazine

In 2015 and 2016, she made to the list of 30 most influential teens according to Time Magazine. It was such as an amazing breakthrough for Ziegler.

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Facts about Maddie Ziegler 5: as a judge

So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation is a popular show. For the 2016 season, Ziegler was appointed as a judge.  In the end of 2016, Ziegler and Sia had a tour in North America. In the beginning of 2017, Ziegler was accompanied by her sister to have an Australian tour.



Facts about Maddie Ziegler 6: memoir

If you are interested with the memoir of Ziegler, you need to read The Maddie Diaries. It was released in 2017.  It is included in the Best Seller list of New York Times.

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Facts about Maddie Ziegler 7: a film debut

The Book of Henry slated to release in 2017 will feature Maddie Ziegler for her debut-featured film.

Facts about Maddie Ziegler 8: the birthplace and parents

Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni and Kurt Ziegler are the parents of Maddie. Her birthplace was located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2011, her parents divorced.

Facts about Maddie Ziegler

Facts about Maddie Ziegler

Facts about Maddie Ziegler 9: dance lessons

Maddie had the first dance lessons when she was 2 years old. At the age of four, she joined Abby Lee Dance Company.

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Facts about Maddie Ziegler 10: the types of dance

Maddie learns various types of dance such as aerial, jazz, acro, contemporary, lyrical, ballet and tap dance.

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