10 Facts about Marionette

Post On: June 2, 2017
By: Agustina

I will show you the impressive facts about a puppet on Facts about Marionette. The strings or wires will be used to control the movement of marionette. Marionettist is the puppeteer of a marionette. Marionette is often performed in entertainment venues to impress a large crowd of audiences. The puppeteer may be revealed or hidden depending on the concept of the performance. The marionette will be controlled by the puppeteer using a horizontal or vertical control bar. Why don’t you check the whole post for details about marionette?

Facts about Marionette 1: the performance of marionette

The performance of marionette is not only limited in entertainment venues.  Many TV programs and films also feature marionette.

Facts about Marionette 2: strings

Marionette is attached into strings, which control its movement. The purpose as well as the characters of a marionette will determine the string attachment.

Facts about Marionette

Facts about Marionette

Facts about Marionette 3: an ancient performance

If you think marionette is a new performance, you are wrong.  The origin of marionette was traced back since the ancient period. The historians believe that it had been presented before people dealt with theatre.

Facts about Marionette 4: in Egypt

Marionette had been performed in Egypt in 2000 BC according to the evidence of string-operated figure.

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Facts about Marionette 5: puppets

There was an evidence that Egyptians tombs featured a puppet created from ivory and clay controlled by wire.

Marionette Facts

Marionette Facts

Facts about Marionette 6: the importance of marionette

During the ancient period, marionette was an important subject for it was used during the ceremonies and rituals.

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Facts about Marionette 7: ancient Greece

The ancient Greek people also applied marionette. The word of Xenophon and Herodotus traced back in the fifth century features the written record of marionette.

Facts about Marionette 8: the reference of puppetry

The reference of puppetry was spotted in a number of works such as The Iliad and the Odyssey, Plato’s work and Archimedes’ work.



Facts about Marionette 9: European puppetry

In the fifth century, puppetry was performed in front of the common people in Greece. The puppetry in Greece inspired the development of European puppetry.

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Facts about Marionette 10: children’s tombs

The children’s tombs dated back in 500 BC featured the dolls created from ivory and clay in ancient Rome and Greece.

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