10 Facts about Madness

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By: Agustina

If you are a fan of a ska band, you have to read the whole facts about madness. In 1976, Madness was established in Camden Town, London. The band rose to prominence in the end of 1970s and beginning of 1980s.  The band had seven members. Today, they still perform in a number of concerts and shows. The peak of their success took place in the beginning of mid-1980s. Their singles were well achieved by the fans and critics.

Facts about Madness 1: the singles

The UK top ten was infected by 15 singles of Madness. “Wings of a Dove” and “House of Fun” were the two number-one singles in Ireland. The latter one receives the number one single in United Kingdom.

Facts about Madness 2: the North London Invaders

In 1976, The North London Invaders was established by the core members of the band. They were Lee Thompson for vocals and saxophone, Chris Foreman for guitar, and Mike Barson for vocals and keyboards.

Facts about Madness

Facts about Madness

Facts about Madness 3: recruitment

Other members joined the band. They were Cathal Smyth for bass guitar and John Hasler for drums. Dikron Tulane joined the band in the following years. He served as the lead vocalist.

Facts about Madness 4: the line up

Until 1977, the band had six members. The lead vocal was taken by a new member, Graham McPherson. Dikron left the band to pursue an acting career.

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Facts about Madness 5: Gavin Rodgers

Gavin Rodgers took the post of Smyth due to his leaving after having a dispute with Barson. Other members also left the band. Due to Barson’s criticism on his saxophone playing, Thompson left the band. McPherson was fired from the band for he preferred to watch Chelsea than having rehearsal with the band. However, he decided to come back and filled the spot left by Hasler who became the lead vocal.

Madness 2014

Madness 2014

Facts about Madness 6: the new members

The new members were Mark Bedford and Daniel Woodgate who took the spot of Rodgers and Dovey respectively.

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Facts about Madness 7: renaming the band

Before the band chose the name Madness in 1979, it was altered into Morris and the Minors.

Facts about Madness 8: the first commercial recording

“The Prince” was composed by Lee Thompson who became the first commercial recording of Madness.

Madness Facts

Madness Facts

Facts about Madness 9: the debut album

Stiff Records released the debut album of Madness with the title One Step Beyond…

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Facts about Madness 10: the second album

Absolutely was the second album of Madness released in 1980. In United Kingdom album charts, it took number two.

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