10 Facts about Mahayana Buddhism

Post On: April 19, 2017
By: Agustina

One of the impressive religions in the world will be explained on Facts about Mahayana Buddhism. The term Mahayana means Great Vehicle. It is a Sanskrit word. Mahayana is the primary branch of Buddhism. It applies the practice and philosophies of Buddhism. Some believe that Vajrayana is a part of Mahayana. Others believe that it should be included in a different branch of Buddhism. Let me show you other interesting facts about Mahayana Buddhism below:

Facts about Mahayana Buddhism 1: enlightenment

The term Mahayana is also associated with the path taken by Bodhisattva to achieve enlighten. The fully enlighten Buddha or samyaksaṃbuddha is a term used to call the bodhisattva who has achieved the full enlighten.

Facts about Mahayana Buddhism 2: the accomplishment

The accomplishment as samyaksaṃbuddha can be achieved by all people. The lay people may achieve this goal too.

Facts about Mahayana Buddhism

Facts about Mahayana Buddhism

Facts about Mahayana Buddhism 3: the largest major tradition

The largest major traditional of Buddhism today is taken by Mahayana tradition.

Facts about Mahayana Buddhism 4: the report in 2010

There was a report related to the number of practitioners of traditions of Buddhism. Vajrayana accounts for 5.7 percent. Theravada has 35.8 percent of practitioners. The largest one is Mahayana tradition with 53.2 percent.

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Facts about Mahayana Buddhism 5: the spread of Mahayana

Mahayana tradition is spread in Asian countries in the world. It appears in Southeast, East and South Asia.

Mahayana Buddhism

Mahayana Buddhism

Facts about Mahayana Buddhism 6: the countries with Mahayana practitioners

The practitioners of Mahayana can be found in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and China.

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Facts about Mahayana Buddhism 7: the tradition of Mahayana Buddhism

The traditions of Mahayana Buddhism come in a number of forms. They include Japanese Zen, Nichiren Buddhism, Pure Land Buddhism, Korean Seon and Chan Buddhism.

Facts about Mahayana Buddhism 8: the earliest texts of Mahayana

The strict adherence to achieve a bodhisattva was very strict in the earliest texts of Mahayana tradition. The path would be achieved by living in the wilderness and have a monastic life.

Mahayana Buddhism Pic

Mahayana Buddhism Pic

Facts about Mahayana Buddhism 9: types of thought

Mādhyamaka, Buddhist Logic, Buddha Nature and Yogācāra are the four primary types of thought developed in Mahayana tradition. The second one is considered as the current thought.

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Facts about Mahayana Buddhism 10: Kushan Empire

The societies were encouraged by the Mahayana tradition to donate their money for the monasteries during Kushan Empire.

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