10 Facts about Madison Wisconsin

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You will be informed with the capital of Wisconsin on Facts about Madison Wisconsin.  It was a home for 248,951 people as of 1st July 2015. In United States, Madison is called as the 84th largest city. In Wisconsin, it takes the second largest city. The first one is taken by Milwaukee. Columbia, Green, Iowa, and Dane counties are included in Madison Metropolitan Statistical Area. It was a home for 568,593 people in 2010. Let me show you other interesting facts about Madison Wisconsin below:

Facts about Madison Wisconsin 1: the median income

The median income for the family in Madison reached $59,840 as of 2000. The female has lower median income than the male. The former one is $30,551, while the latter one is $36,718.

Facts about Madison Wisconsin 2: the poor people

The people who live below the poverty line are 15 percent of the total population.

Facts about Madison Wisconsin

Facts about Madison Wisconsin

Facts about Madison Wisconsin 3: the number of people

Madison is a home for 47,824 families, 102,516 households and 233,209 people as of 2010. Most people who live here are whites, which make up 78.9 percent of the total population. The African American people account for 7.3 percent.

Facts about Madison Wisconsin 4: the largest employers

The largest employers of Madison are University of Wisconsin-Madison and Wisconsin state government.

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Facts about Madison Wisconsin 5: the present-day economy

The present-day economy of Madison is shifted into advertising, biotech, healthcare, high tech and consumer service.

Madison Wisconsin 1196

Madison Wisconsin 1196

Facts about Madison Wisconsin 6: recession

Madison was not heavily affected by the economic recession. The economic boom of the city was steady in the beginning of 1990s.  The west and south regions of Madison have enjoyed the expansion.

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Facts about Madison Wisconsin 7: education

The bachelor degree is hold by at least 48.2 percent of people who live in Madison at the age of more than 25 years old.  This skill base makes the business grow well in the city. The highest percentage of people with Ph.D. status in US is located in Madison.

Facts about Madison Wisconsin 8: the high tech companies

The high tech companies based in Madison include TDS Telecom, Raven Software, Microsoft, Google and many more.

Madison Wisconsin

Madison Wisconsin

Facts about Madison Wisconsin 9: the best place to live

Madison earned the title as the best place to live in US according to Money Magazine in 1996.

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Facts about Madison Wisconsin 10: sports

The popular winter sports in Madison include ice hockey, ice boating, ice fishing, snow kiting, cross-country skiing and ice-skating.

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