Top 10 Facts about Madrid Spain

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Look at Facts about Madrid Spain in the following post. Kingdom of Spain is famous in the world with its impressive beauty, culture and lifestyle. The capital is Madrid, which serves as the center of various attractions and events.  It is a home for 3.2 million people.  The people who live in the metropolitan area are 6.5 million individuals. In European Union, it takes the record as the third largest city. The area covered by the municipality is 233.3 square miles or 604.3 kilometer square. Let us check other impressive facts about Madrid Spain below:

Facts about Madrid Spain 1: the importance of Madrid

Madrid is an important city in Kingdom of Spain because it is the home for the Spanish monarch and government. It also serves as the cultural, economical and political center of Spain.

Facts about Madrid Spain 2: who is the mayor?

Manuela Carmena is the current mayor of Madrid. He is from Ahora Madrid.

Facts about Madrid Spain

Facts about Madrid Spain

Facts about Madrid Spain 3: the GDP

The third largest GDP in EU is taken by Madrid urban agglomeration. Most people have great economical life. It serves as the center of finance in Southern Europe due to the large market size, high standard of living and economic output.

Facts about Madrid Spain 4: the notable football clubs

Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid are the most prominent football clubs from Madrid. Both have fan base.

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Facts about Madrid Spain 5: the Spanish companies

A number of notable Spanish companies have their headquarters in Madrid Spain. They include Repsol, Iberia, and Telefónica.

Madrid Spain Facts

Madrid Spain Facts

Facts about Madrid Spain 6: the prominent organizations

The prominent organizations based in Madrid Spain include Public Interest Oversight Board, the Ibero-American General Secretariat, World Tourism Organization and Organization of Ibero-American States.

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Facts about Madrid Spain 7: the famous fairs

Living in Madrid is not boring for it has various festivals, events and fairs. The latter one includes Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, SIMO TCI and ARCO. It also has impressive landmarks and buildings. Do not forget to check Buen Retiro Park, Royal Palace of Madrid and Golden Triangle of Art. If you are interested to find out the historical archives of Spain, you need to go to National Library Building.

Facts about Madrid Spain 8: climate

According to Koppen classification, Madrid has the inland Mediterranean climate. July is the warmest month. The summer season is hot.

Madrid Spain

Madrid Spain

Facts about Madrid Spain 9: precipitation level

The spring and autumn seasons are mostly affected by the precipitation level.

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Facts about Madrid Spain 10: the streets of Madrid

The streets of Madrid are amazing for the visitors can spot various outdoor sculptures.

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