10 Fun Facts about Los Angeles

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If you want to know the commercial center in Southern California, check Fun Facts about Los Angeles. The name of the city is taken from Spanish, The Angels. Therefore, Los Angeles is often called as the City of the Angles. It was a home for 3,971,883 people in 2015. Besides being known as the commercial center, Los Angeles is also known as a financial and cultural center. The first most populous city in United States in located in New York City. Los Angeles takes the second place. It spans on the area of 1,210 kilometer square or 469 sq mi.

Fun Facts about Los Angeles 1: as the focal point

The people who visit Greater Los Angeles and Los Angeles metropolitan area will always consider Los Angeles as the focal point. 18 million people live in Greater LA. The metropolitan area is occupied by 13 million people.

Facts about Los Angeles

Facts about Los Angeles

Fun Facts about Los Angeles 2: the most populated county

The most populated county in United States is located in Los Angeles County.

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Fun Facts about Los Angeles 3: the residents

The Angelenos are used to call the residents of Los Angeles.

Fun Facts about Los Angeles 4: the brief history of LA

In 1542, Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo claimed the land of Los Angeles for Spain. The Chumash and Tongva were the native people who inhabited the land. Felipe de Neve was the Spanish governor who established Los Angeles as a city on 4th September 1781. After the Mexican War of Independence, Los Angeles was a part of Mexico in 1821.

Los Angeles Pic

Los Angeles Pic

Fun Facts about Los Angeles 5: as a part of United States

Los Angeles and California became parts of United States after both were purchased according to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Fun Facts about Los Angeles 6: the rapid development

Los Angeles enjoyed a rapid development after oil was discovered in the city in 1890s.

Los Angeles Plan

Los Angeles Plan

Fun Facts about Los Angeles 7: City of Angels

Los Angeles earns the nickname as City of Angles because of its ethnic diversity, metropolis and Mediterranean climate.

Fun Facts about Los Angeles 8: Hollywood

When people visit Los Angeles, they will never forget to talk about Hollywood.  It is the center of entertainment industries, which produce TV production, movies and music.

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Fun Facts about Los Angeles 9: the economy

The economy of Los Angles is not only centered on entertainment and media, but in technology, science, spot, fashion, research, medicine and education.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Fun Facts about Los Angeles 10: the Summer Olympic Games

In 1932 and 1984, the Summer Olympic Games were hosted in Los Angeles. In 2024, it will become the next host of the same game.

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