Top 10 Facts about Lyon

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Facts about Lyon tell the readers about a city located in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. It is located 199 miles or 320 kilometer from Marseille and 292 miles or 470 kilometer from Paris. Use the term ‘Lyonnais’ to call the residents of Lyon. Have you visited the city before? It has various attractions and historical buildings. According to a report in 2014, the city was occupied by 506,615 people. It is the third largest city in France.

Facts about Lyon 1: the metropolis of Lyon

The capital of Metropolis of Lyon is Lyon city. In 2013, the metropolitan area was inhabited by 2,237,767 people.

Facts about Lyon 2: the fame

Lyon is a notable city in France after Paris and Marseilles.  It has amazing architectural landmarks, historical buildings and cuisine.

Facts about Lyon

Facts about Lyon

Facts about Lyon 3: the former production

In the past, Lyon was known as for the silk weaving and production. Cinematographe was invented in Lyon by Auguste and Louis Lumière. That is why the city is also connected with the history of cinema.

Facts about Lyon 4: Fête des Lumières

Fête des Lumières is the prominent light festival conducted in the city of Lyon. Due to the festival, Lyon is often called as the Capital of Lights. It will take place for four days beginning on December 8th.

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Facts about Lyon 5: the economic sources

There are various major industries housed in Lyon. They are biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical and banking industries that provide the city with economic sources. Lyon also has a software industry, which produces video games.

Lyon France

Lyon France

Facts about Lyon 6: Opera Nouvel

If you are a fan of opera, you need to come to Opéra Nouvel. The Opera National de Lyon is housed in this New Opera House. In 1985 until 1993, Jean Nouvel was the French architect who re-designed the opera house.

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Facts about Lyon 7: the oldest museum

One of the oldest museums in Lyon is African Museum of Lyon.  Another museum to visit is Museum of Resistance and Deportation.

Facts about Lyon 8: Lyon Dubai City

If you want to know the replica of several districts found in Dubai, check Lyon Dubai City. This project is unique.

Lyon Map

Lyon Map

Facts about Lyon 9: culinary

Lyon is notorious due to its amazing culinary tradition. Eugénie Brazier and Marie Bourgeois were the famous 3-star Michelin chefs who increased the standard of culinary in Lyon.

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Facts about Lyon 10: bouchon

If you are interested to taste the local dishes like local wines, sausages, and roast pork, you need to come to bouchon.

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