10 Facts about Mako Sharks

Post On: April 23, 2017
By: Agustina

You will get more information about the largest mackerel shark on Facts about Mako Sharks. It is often called as bonito shark, blue pointer shark or shortfin Mako shark. The biological name is Isurus oxyrinchus.  This shark has big body. The adult one has the weight of 132 to 298 lb or 60 to 135 kilogram. The length is measured at 10 feet or 3.2 metres. Here are other interesting facts about Mako Sharks:

Facts about Mako Sharks 1: the sexual dimorphism

The sexual dimorphism is exhibited in male and female Mako sharks. The males are usually smaller than the females.

Facts about Mako Sharks 2: the largest Mako shark

The largest Mako shark had the weight of 1,300 lb or 600 kilogram.  On 3 June 2013, this fish was caught on the Californian coast.

Mako Sharks Pic

Mako Sharks Pic

Facts about Mako Sharks 3: the larger specimen

Actually, the larger specimen of Mako shark has been discovered. The weight reaches 1,260 lb or 570 kilogram, whereas the length reaches 12 feet or 3.8 metres.

Facts about Mako Sharks 4: the physical appearance

The physical appearance is characterized with the presence of an elongated tail and cylindrical body shape.

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Facts about Mako Sharks 5: the coloration

The ventral part features white coloration. The glazing metallic blue coloration is spotted on the dorsal part.

Mako Sharks

Mako Sharks

Facts about Mako Sharks 6: the darker coloration

The darker coloration is spotted on the larger specimen. The smaller Mako sharks have whiter look.

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Facts about Mako Sharks 7: the distribution

Mako sharks can be found living in tropical and temperate seas in many parts of the world. They like to inhabit the sea surface up to the depth of 490 feet or 150 metres. Mako sharks live in Brown Banks, Nova Scotia, Gulf of Mexico and Argentina in western Atlantic.

Facts about Mako Sharks 8: swordfish

One of the indicators of the concentration of Mako sharks can be seen from the presence of swordfish. Mako sharks consume swordfish as their primary diet.

Facts about Mako Sharks

Facts about Mako Sharks

Facts about Mako Sharks 9: traveling

Mako sharks will reach long distance journey to search for mates and prey.

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Facts about Mako Sharks 10: the prey

Mako sharks will like to hunt swordfish, bonitos, tunas, mackerels, seabirds, sea turtles, porpoises and other sharks.

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