10 Facts about Mary’s Meals

Post On: July 14, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Mary’s Meals give the information about a registered charity. In the past, people call it SIR or Scottish International Relief. The primary target for their charitable act is the children who live in the poorest communities in the world.  Poverty and hunger are common in those communities, which prevent the kids to pursue education. Therefore, Mary’s Meals provides school feeding programs to deal the unfortunate situation. Here are other interesting facts about Mary’s Meals to notice:

Facts about Mary’s Meals 1: the founding

In 2002, Mary’s Meals was established. The first program was centered on 200 children in Malawi.

Facts about Mary’s Meals 2: the expansion

The first feeding program was successful. Therefore, the charity was expanded in other poor countries by giving free school meals. The charity had provided meals for at least one million children in the world every single day.

Facts about Mary's Meals

Facts about Mary’s Meals

Facts about Mary’s Meals 3: the name

The name of the charity is inspired from Mother of Jesus, Mary.  The founders of the organization were affected by their Catholic religion. However, Mary’s Meal is not a Catholic charity.

Facts about Mary’s Meals 4: the history

As I have stated before, Mary’s Meals was originated from SIR. During the Balkan conflict, it was established in 1922.

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Facts about Mary’s Meals 5: the meals

The meals provided by the organization every single day are enough to feed 1,187,104 children. It has been operated in 12 countries in the world.

Mary's Meals Image

Mary’s Meals Image

Facts about Mary’s Meals 6: a simple idea

The concept of Mary’s Meals is very simple. They believe that a daily meal will boost the performance and attendance of kids at school.

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Facts about Mary’s Meals 7: the average cost

The average cost that Mary’s Meals has to spend to deal with the feeding program is around $19.50 or £13.90 for a child in a whole school year.

Facts about Mary’s Meals 8: who is the founder?

The founder of Mary’s Meals is Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow. He also serves as the chief executive in the charity.

Mary's Meals Logo

Mary’s Meals Logo

Facts about Mary’s Meals 9: education

By providing free meal at school, the attendance of children at school will be increased.

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Facts about Mary’s Meals 10: the increased attendance

By increasing the attendance of kids at school, they have better chance to stay away from poverty.

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