10 Facts about Medicaid

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Facts about medicaid discuss about the programme in the USA which is conduted to help people with limited income and resources in covering their medical cost. This descriptions talk more about fun facts in medicaid.

Facts about Medicaid 1: Features

Many states in the USA received waivers from the central government to develop Medicaid managed care programmes. In todays, roughly 80% of enrollees are enrolled in managed care plans. Amazingly, in 2010, based on the data from national report for all age groups, the average cost per enrolled was to $5,593 and a listing by state and by coverage age is provided.

Facts about Medicaid 2: Eligibility

Medicaid is healt programme provided to serve low-income people, but actually a low income is not the only requirement to enroll this programme. Some of the categories include low-income children below a certain wage, pregnant women, parents of medicaid-eligible children who meet certain income requirements, and low-income seniors.

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Facts about Medicaid 3: Benefits

Medicaid is a mechanism to provide categorised people with health insurance.

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Facts about Medicaid 4: History

Medicaid has been created in the Social Security Amandements of 1965 by adding title XIX to the social security act, 42 U. S. C. 1396 et seq. The federal government provided matching funds to states to serve them to provide medical assistance.

Facts about Medicaid 5: Medicaid Expansion

In 2014, expanded medicaid eligibility was started. Under the regulation, the federal government would pay 100% of the cost of medicaid eligibility expansion in 2014, 2015 and 2016; 95% in 2017; 94% in 2018; 93% in 2019 and 90% in 2020 and all following years. There are some countries which unisured live in those states or other words they have opted to reject the expanded medicaid including Texas, Florida, Kansas, Lousiana, Alabama and Missisipi.

Facts about Medicaid 6: State Implementations

The implementations of health insurance over states are different. Most states administer medicaid through their own programmes. Here are some of those programmes are listed: Arizona: AHCCCS, California: Medi-Cal; Connecticut: HUSKY D; Maine: MaineCare; Massachusetts: MassHealth; New Jersey: NJ FamilyCare; Oregon: Oregon Health Plan; Oklahoma: SoonerCare; Tennessee: TennCare; Washington: Apple Health; Wisconsin: BagderCare.

2015 expansion of medicaid

Facts about Medicaid 7: Comparison with Medicare

Medicare is a social insurance programme funded by at the level of federal government and it focuses primarily on the older population. Medicare provides the health based on the part, including part A, Part B, Part C and Part D. While medicaid is a programme that is not solely funded by the federal level. Eligibility in medicaid is determined largely by income. Medicaid covers a wider range of health care than Medicare.

Facts about Medicaid 8: Coverage and Use

Recently, one-third children and over half (i.e. 59%) of low-income children are insured through Medicaid. The insurance gives them with access to preventive and primary services which are used at a much higher rate than for the uninsured, but still below the utilisation of privately insured patients.

Facts about Medicaid 9: Supplemental Security Income Beneficiaries

Once someone who aprrove in this programme, it would be automatically eligible for Medicaid.

medicaid expansion in Idaho

Facts about Medicaid 10: Utilisation

The utilisation during 2003-2012 increased by 2.5%.

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