10 Facts about Malnutrition

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You will be informed with a condition caused by the lack of nutrients in the diet on Facts about Malnutrition. This condition is also called malnourishment. When a person experiences malnutrition, the health problems will take place.  Malnutrition may involve the low intake of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and calories. The term undernourishment or undernutrition is applied when a person has lack of nutrients. Overnutrition is defined having too much nutrition. Let us get other interesting facts about malnutrition below:

Facts about Malnutrition 1: the term malnutrition

The term malnutrition is often used to call undernutrition. This condition occurs if a person does not have enough micronutrients, protein and calories.

Facts about Malnutrition 2: the negative effects

The mental and physical development will take place permanently if undernutrition is experienced during pregnancy.

Facts about Malnutrition

Facts about Malnutrition

Facts about Malnutrition 3: the symptoms of undernutrition

Swollen abdomen and legs, very low energy level, thin body and short height are the prevalent signs of extreme malnutrition.

Facts about Malnutrition 4: the health problems

The risk of having cold and infection is higher on the people who have health problems. There are some infectious diseases contributed by the lack of breastfeeding such as measles, malaria, pneumonia, and gastroenteritis.

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Facts about Malnutrition 5: the social condition

The social conditions like poverty and high food price are usually related to starvation or extreme malnutrition in a certain country in the world. The people cannot get the high quality foods.

Malnutrition Pic

Malnutrition Pic

Facts about Malnutrition 6: the major types

The major types of malnutrition include dietary deficiencies and protein-energy malnutrition. There are two severe forms of protein-energy malnutrition. They are kwashiorkor and marasmus. The former one is defined as lack of protein. The latter one is defined as having lack of calories and protein.

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Facts about Malnutrition 7: the prevalent micronutrient deficiencies

Lack of vitamin A, iodine, and iron is considered as the prevalent micronutrient deficiencies.

Facts about Malnutrition 8: over nutrition

Overnutrition is also included as a form of malnutrition. It takes form in obesity.



Facts about Malnutrition 9: how to deal with malnutrition

Malnutrition often occurs in the developing countries. The ways to prevent it are by empowering the women, increasing sanitation and decreasing poverty.

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Facts about Malnutrition 10: the number of malnourished people

In 2015, around 793 million were malnourished. It accounted for 13 percent of the world’s population. The people who had lack of minerals and vitamins in 2012 reached one billion individuals.

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