10 Facts about Major Depression

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Facts about Major Depression inform us with the mental disorder associated with low mood for two weeks, which occurs in any situations. It is often called as simply depression or major depressive disorder.  The symptoms are spotted on the presence of pain without exact cause, loss of interest in fun activities, low energy and low self-esteem. The false belief also occurs on some patients with depression. They hear or see things that other people cannot. The symptoms may appear in a certain period. Check out other useful facts about major depression by reading the below post:

Facts about Major Depression 1: negative effect

Major depression presents negative effect on the life of the patients. The school life, work, personal and social life of the people with depression is usually ruined. Depression also affects general health, eating habit and sleeping quality.

Facts about Major Depression 2: suicide

If major depression is not well treated, the patients may attempt to do suicide. A report found out that 2 to 7 percent of adults with this condition died by suicide.  The mood disorder and depression is prevalent on almost 60 percent of people who die because of suicide.

Facts about Major Depression

Facts about Major Depression

Facts about Major Depression 3: the cause of depression

Three primary factors cause major depression. They are the psychological, environmental and genetic factors.

Facts about Major Depression 4: the risk factors

The substance abuse, chronic health problem, particular medication, major life changes and family history with depression are considered as the prevalent risk factors of major depression.

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Facts about Major Depression 5: genetic factor

The genetic factor makes up around 40 percent of the risk of depression.

Major Depression Pic

Major Depression Pic

Facts about Major Depression 6: diagnosis

Laboratory test is not conducted to diagnose major depression. The diagnosis is held according to the mental status examination and reported experiences of the patient.

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Facts about Major Depression 7: sadness

If you think that sadness is a major depression, you are wrong. Sadness is normal emotion in human life.

Facts about Major Depression 8: screening of depression

The screening of depression of the people whose age more than 12 is recommended by USPSTF or United States Preventive Services Task Force.

Major Depression Facts

Major Depression Facts

Facts about Major Depression 9: the common treatment

Antidepressant medication and counseling are the two main treatments for major depression.

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Facts about Major Depression 10: counseling

There are two types of counseling for major depression. Both are the interpersonal therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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