10 Facts about Liquor

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The alcoholic beverage is explained on Facts about Liquor. The term includes the drinks created from the distillation. The alcoholic content is improved during the process since the water is removed. In North America, the people use the term harder liquor to call the distilled beverages for they contain high level of alcohol.   The distilled beverages are called as the hard liquor to differentiate it from the un distilled ones.

Facts about Liquor 1: the fermentation process

The cider, wine and beer are the drinks created from the fermentation process. They are not included as hard liquor for they are not distilled.

Facts about Liquor

Facts about Liquor

Facts about Liquor 2: the low alcohol content

The alcohol content of wine, cider and beer is low. It may fall around 15 percent.

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Facts about Liquor 3: what is brandy?

Have you ever heard about brandy?  The alcohol content of brandy reaches more than 35 percent for the production is from the distilled wine.

Facts about Liquor 4: the examples of hard liquor

Can you mention some examples of hard liquor? They include mezcal, vodka, bourbon, whisky, rum, gin, moonshine, scotch and tequila.

Liquor Images

Liquor Images

Facts about Liquor 5: the term spirit

The term spirit is used to call a distilled drink, which has the alcohol by volume at least 20 percent, and have no sugar in the content.

Facts about Liquor 6: the flavoring and sugar

The flavoring and sugar will be added later according to the taste of the customers. They are called liqueurs, which include American schnapps, Frangelico and Grand Marnier.

Liquor Pic

Liquor Pic

Facts about Liquor 7: the concentration of alcohol

The concentration of alcohol is more than 20 percent in the distilled beverages.

Facts about Liquor 8: the origin of liquor

The term liquor is probably derived from the Latin verb of liquere. This term is always associated with liquid. It means, “to be fluid”. In 14th century, the term was used to call a liquid for drinking. In 16th century, the usage of the term was evolved to call an intoxicating alcoholic drink.

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Facts about Liquor 9: the first distillation

The first known distillation took place in the first century AD in Alexandria conducted by the Greek alchemists. At the time, it was believed that the Chinese had conducted the distillation process. Alexander of Aphrodisias described the distilled water in the second century AD.

Liquor Facts

Liquor Facts

Facts about Liquor 10: the legality

Some countries such as the Netherlands, New Zealand and Italy legalize the alcoholic beverages distillation for personal usage or hobby.

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