10 Interesting Facts about Liquids

Post On: February 6, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Liquids talk about a fluid, which has a constant volume.  The shape of liquid always conforms to the shape of its container. There are four basic states of matters. Liquid is one of them. The others include plasma, gas and solid. The primary characteristic of liquid is spotted on the non-fixed shape. However, it has the definite volume. Find out other interesting facts about liquids:

Facts about Liquids 1: the content of liquids

The tiny vibrating particles of matter are considered as the primary content of liquid. The intermolecular bond holds the atoms together.

Liquids Facts

Liquids Facts

Facts about Liquids 2: the most common liquid

The most common liquid on our planet is water.

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Facts about Liquids 3: compression

In most cases, liquid has the resistance toward compression. It will follow the shape of a container and has the capability to flow.

Facts about Liquids 4: the density of liquid

The liquid has the constant density. When a container is filled with liquid, it will not disperse. Liquid has higher density than gas. On the other hand, the liquid density is closer to the density of a solid.

Liquids Images

Liquids Images

Facts about Liquids 5: the condensed matter

The condensed matters include the solid and liquid. However, the ability to flow is only owned by the gases and liquids. That is why; both are considered fluids.

Facts about Liquids 6: the liquid water

Earth contains abundant amount of liquid water. However, it is the least common one in our universe. The universe is filled with many unknown forms of gasses.

Facts about Liquids

Facts about Liquids

Facts about Liquids 7: the differences of solid and liquid

The difference of solid and liquid is spotted on the molecules. The moveable molecules are spotted on the liquid. On the other hand, the molecules of solid are not capable to move.

Facts about Liquids 8: the properties of fluids

The properties of fluids are spotted on the liquids. The surface of the container, which contains liquid, will have the similar level of pressure. You may also squeeze the liquid placed inside a bag on the shape that you want.

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Facts about Liquids 9: the broken bond

The broken bond is spotted when the liquid reaches its boiling point.



Facts about Liquids 10: the freezing point

The molecules of liquids will be locked when it is in the freezing point. The rigid bond of the molecules is perceived.

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