10 Facts about Megadeth

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The 10 amazing facts about Megadeth will be presented in this article. Megadeth is an amazing American heavy metal band. It comes from Los Angeles, California. The member of the band such as Dave Mustaine as a guitarist and David Ellefson as a bassist. They formed the band in 1983 shortly after Mustaine’s dismissal from Metallica. Interestingly, Megadeth is credited as one of the genre’s “big four” along with Metallica, Anthrax, and Slayer, responsible for thrash metal’s development and popularisation. You can find the others facts about Megadeth in the description below.

Facts about Megadeth 1: 1983-1984: Megadeth Formation

After some internal conflicts, Mustaine decided to form a band that was faster and heavier than Metallica. The opportunity came knocking when he befriended with his new neighbours David Ellefson and Greg Handevidt who fortuitously bass and guitar player respectively. In 1984, Megadeth recorded a three-song demo tape featuring Mustaine, Ellefson and Rausch. Then it was aired on March 9th, 1984.

Facts about Megadeth 2: 1985: Killing is My Business…and Business is Good!

Killing is My Business…and Business is Good! is a song written by Mustaine during his time in Metallica. Then, in mid-1985, Megadeth conducted the very first tour to North American.

The 10 interesting facts about megadeth

Facts about Megadeth 3: 1986-1987: Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying?

the band was under pressure to deliver another successful album: That sophomore offering is the ‘be-all or end-all’ of any band. You either go to the nest level, or it’s the beginning of the nadir” according to Mustaine’s statement. In 1986, Mustain wanted to write socially conscious lyric, then “Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying? was created and released in late 1986.  In February 1987, Megadeth was the opening act in Alice Cooper’s Constrictor tour.

Facts about Megadeth 4: 2009-2010: Endgame

In May 2009, Megadeth finished recording its twelfth album named Endgame. Then the band started Endgame tour in October until December. In 2010, Megadeth got the prize for Best Metal Performace at the Grammy Awards.

Facts about Megadeth 5: 2010-2012: Thirteen

In the mid-2010, Megadeth including Slayer, Anthrax, and Metallica well-known as the “big four” of thrash metal. In November 2011, Megadeth released the new album, titled Thirteen, it was featured previously released tracks such as Sudden, Death and Never Dead. 

Facts about Megadeth 6: The Band Controversies

The song  “This one’s for the cause!” elicited a riot and conflict between Catholics and Protestants among the audience. The controversial and misinterpreted lyrics have caused complications for the band.

The 10 interesting facts about Megadeth

Facts about Megadeth 7: The Influences

So many bands that have influenced Megadeth.  For instance the traditional heavy metal such as UFO, Black Sabbath, Budgie,  new wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM) bands such as Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and Diamond Head, and punk rock bands such as the sex pistols and Ramones.

Facts about Megadeth 8: Megadeth Style

The kind of megadeth music and its underground metal contemporaries from the 1980s featured harsh vocals, double bass drum patterns, staccato riffing, tremolo picking, and screeching lead guitar work. Then after Mustaine formed Megadeth, he followed the thrash metal style.

Facts about Megadeth 9: Megadeth Lyrics Style

Megadeth’s lyrics style mostly focus on the death, war, politics, and religion.

The 10 interesting facts about megadeth

Facts about Megadeth 10: Band Members

Dave Mustaine as lead vocals, David Ellefson as bass and backing vocals, Kiko Loureiro has a role to play guitar and backing vocals, then Dirk Verbeuren plays drums andd percussion.

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