Top10 Facts about Metallica

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In this article, you can find 10 facts about Metallica. Metallica is a super well-known heavy metal band from the U.S. In 1981, Metallica was formed in Los Angeles by vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. Ultimately, the band has been based in San Francisco. I do believe most of the people in the world recognise this band. Well, let us know and dig the amazing information down below!

Facts about Metallica 1: General Information of Metallica

Metallica heavy band was formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Interestingly, this band still active until now! The labels that contracted to this band such as Megaforce, Elektra, Vertigo, Warner Bros and Blackened.

Facts about Metallica 2: Kill ’em All and Ride the Lightning (1983-1985)

Metal Up Your Ass that produced by Paul Curcio recorded at Rochester, New York in May 1983. April 11 1983, Mustaine (a band member) ejected from the band and replaced by Kirk Hammett. Kirk Hammett joined to the band and started his first performance on April 16, 1983.

The top 10 facts about Metallica

Facts about Metallica 3: Master of Puppets and Burton’s Death

Master of Puppets is the Metallica’s third studio album. It was recorded at Sweet Silence Studios and aired in March 1986. Amazingly, the album got position on 29 on the billboard 200 and spent 72 weeks on the chart. It was the band’s first album to be certified gold on November 4, 1986, and was certified six times platinum in 2003.

Facts about Metallica 4: …And Justice for All and Metallica

“…And justice for all” is the first album since Burton’s death. It was released in 1988. This album made the band be a top ten in the US. People liked this album and reached number six on billboard 200. The album got certified about nine weeks after released.

Facts about Metallica 5: “Load, Reload, Garage Inc. and S&M (1994-1999)

Load, Reload, Garage Inc. and S&M was the sixth studio album from this band. Amazingly, “Load” debuted at number one the billboard 200 nad ARIA Charts.

Facts about Metallica 6: Style and Lyrical Themes

Society believes that people inspire people. It is like this band. Even though this band is really great and made masterpiece songs and albums, the band inspired by early heavy metal hard rock bands, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Kiss, Led Zepplin, Queen, Ted Nugent, AC/DC, Rush, Aerosmith, Judas, Judas Priest, Scorpions and by a new wave of British Heavy Metal bands Venom, Motorhead, Saxon, diamond head, Blitzkrieg and Iron Maiden, and early punk rock bands, Ramones, Sex Pistols, and the misfits also influenced Metallica’s style as did post-punk band killing joke.

the top 10 facts about Metallica

Facts about Metallica 7: Legacy and Influenced

Interestingly, Metallica becomes the most influential heavy metal band all of the time. It is credited as one of the “big four” of thrash metal, along with Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth. The band has sold more than 125 million records worldwide.

Facts about Metallica 8: Band Members

The band members are including James Hetfield as a lead vocal, rhythm guitar (1981-present), Kirk Hammett-Lead Guitar, backing vocals (1983-present), Robert Trujillo-bass, backing vocals (2003-presents), Lars Ulrich-drums, percussion (1981-present). Former members of the band are including Dave Mustaine-lead guitar, backing vocals (1982-1983), Ron Mcgovney-Bass, backing vocal (1982), Cliff Burton-Bass, Backing Vocals (1982-1986; died 1986), Jason Newsted-Bass, backing vocals (1986-2001), and Bob Rock-Bass, backing vocals (2001-2003).

Facts about Metallica 9: Awards and Nominations

People have already known that this band is one of the most influential band in the world at all time. Undoubtedly, the band got many awards and nomination such as in the Grammy Awards.

the top 10 facts about metallica

Facts about Metallica 10: Discography

The discography of this band such as kill ’em all (1983), Ride the Lightning (1984), Master of Puppets (1986), …And Justice for All (1988), Metallica (1991), etc.

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