10 Facts about Megan McDonald

Post On: June 7, 2018
By: Andi

10 facts about Megan Mcdonald will tell about the American author.  Please see the description below to reveal the less-known facts about Megan McDonald.

Facts about Megan McDonald 1: Megan McDonald’s Born

Megan McDonald born on Ferbruary 28, 1959 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The United States. She is an American children’s literature author.

Facts about Megan McDonald 2: Megan McDonald’s Family

She is the youngest children of five girls from John and Mary Louise McDonald. Then she merried to Richard Haynes and lives in Sebastopol, California.

the cool facts about megan mcdonald

Facts about Megan McDonald 3: Megan McDonald’s Career

Megan McDonald started her career initially became a children’s librarian at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Minneapolis Public Library, and Adams Memorial Library in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. She released her first book titled Is This a House for Hermit Crab?

Facts about Megan McDonald 4: Judy Moody

The Judy Moody is the most popular of Megan McDonald’s works. The Judy Moody series follows the humorous adventures of a third-grader, Judy Moody. Peter H. Reynold is the illustrator of Judy Moody book.

Facts about Megan McDonald 5: The Character List in the Judy Moody

The character of Judy Moody including, Mauryan Rodriguez, Andy Rodriguez, Aunt Opal, Rocky Zang, Frank Pearl, Jessica Finch, Mouse, Amy Namey, Mr. Todd, Jaws, Toady, Chloe, and Tori.

Facts about Megan McDonald 6: The Stink Books

The series of Stink books that have published including, Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid, Stink: And the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker, Stink: And the World’s Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers, Stink: And the Great Guinea Pig Express, Stink: Solar System Superhero, Stink: And the Ultimate Thumb-Wrestling Smackdown, Stink: And The Midnight Zombie Walk, Stink: And The Freaky Frog Freakout, etc.

the cool facts about megan mcdonald

Facts about Megan McDonald 7: The Megan McDonald’s Novels

Her novels that were published such as The Bridge to Nowhere, Shadow in the Glasshouse, the Sister Club, All the Stars in the Sky: The Santa Fe Trail Diary of Florid Mack Ryder.

Facts about Megan McDonald 8: Judy Moody Books

The Judy Moody books which were published: Judi Moody, Judy Moody Gets Famous, Judy Moody Saves the World, Judy Moody Predict the Future, Judy Moody, M.D the Doctor Is In, Judy Moody Declares Independence, Judy Moody: Around the world in 8.5 Days, Judy Moody Goes to College etc.

Facts about Megan McDonald 9: Films

In 2011, the Megan McDonald’s novel, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, was converted to be a movie with the same title, it was directed by John Schultz, and Judy Moody roled by Jordana Beatty. Megan McDonald co-wrote the screenplay with Kathy Waugh, Emmy Award-winning writer known primarily for the television series Arthur, Curious George, and Big and Small.

the cool facts about megan mcdonald

Facts about Megan McDonald 10: Award of Megan McDonald

Megan McDonald has had so many awards. For instance, in 1991 Children’s Choice Book, 1991: Reading Rainbow Book Selection, 1993: Judy Blume Contemporary Fiction Awards, 1993: Carolyn W. Field Award, 2003: Garden State Children’s Book Awards, and in 2014: California Book Awards Juvenile Finalist for “Shoe Dog”.

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