10 Amazing Facts about Love

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Love is defined as a personal attachment or even a strong attraction. It may refer to the attitude, state or feeling, which highlights the affection or compassion toward others. The four forms of love were identified by the ancient Greeks. They were the agape, eros, philia and storge. The agape refers to the divine love to self-emptying love. Eros is known as the romantic or sexual love. The philia is used to call friendship. The last one, storge refers to familiarity or kinship. Let us check other interesting facts about love below:

Facts about Love 1: Abrahamic religions

Abrahamic religions view love with the spiritual and religious meaning. It is hard to find out the exact definition of love due to the complexity and meaning of love.

Family Love

Family Love

Facts about Love 2: an important theme

Love has been used as a significant theme in various arts, movies and literature.

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Facts about Love 3: the function of love

Some believe that love is needed for it can continue the next generation of species and make human being stay away from menaces.

Facts about Love 4: the interpersonal love

The interpersonal love occurs between human beings. If you love someone and he or she does not love you back, it is called unrequited love.

Love Facts

Love Facts

Facts about Love 5: the interpersonal relationship

The interpersonal relationship is always associated with interpersonal love. It might occur between couples, friends or family.

Facts about Love 6: the disorders

Do you know that love is also associated with a number of psychological disorders? The notable example is erotomania. The concept of love has been studied in various fields such as neuroscience, anthropology, psychology, and biology.

Love Pic

Love Pic

Facts about Love 7: the experience of love

The stages of experiencing love are divided in three forms by Helen Fisher. They are lust, attraction and attachment. The stage might be overlapped.  The sexual desire involves in the lust. The attraction refers to the thing pursued by the partners. The attachment is related to the feeling of security, safety, mutual defense, parental duties and sharing a home.

Facts about Love 8: the brain

The study finds out that a set of chemical will be released by the brain when a person falls in love.

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Facts about Love 9: the side effect

When the chemicals are released, the pleasure center of the brain is stimulated. It may lead into the loss of appetite, increased heart rate, extensive feeling of excitement and loss of sleep.

Love Image

Love Image

Facts about Love 10: the long-term relationship

The long-term relationship will occur if the partners have attachment. The temporary ones are found in lust and attraction stages.

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